Mother Charged In Death Of Son Found In Suitcase; Allegedly Said He Needed Exorcism

Indiana police are searching for Dejuane Ludie Anderson in connection with her 5-year-old son’s homicide.

Two Black Indiana College Football Players Die In Car Accident

Christian Eubanks and Caleb VanHooser were among three people in total perished in the tragic crash.

Rapper Lil Devin Shot And Killed At New Year’s Party

He was only 24 years old.

Racial Slur Spray Painted At Burned Out Home Of Black Indiana City Council Member

The FBI is investigating.

Indiana High School Student Labeled As ‘Black Guy’ In Yearbook

The district superintendent called it “incomprehensible."

Lynching Video: Black Man Blasts Police For Not Arresting Racist Attackers

Vaughxx Booker says investigators ignored his assault.

Family Demands Police Continue Investigating Death Of 21-Year-Old Taemon Blair, Who Died By Hanging

The coroner ruled the cause of death a "suicide."

Indiana Superintendent Charged With Fraud For Using Son’s Insurance To Get Treatment For A Sick Student

Casey Smitherman also gave the student clothes and food.

18-Year-Old Beat Her Father To Death With A Hammer After Being Fat Shamed And Verbally Abused

Ameera Stokes tried to commit suicide six times in the past.

White Woman Murdered Her Lover And Served His Remains At A BBQ And Didn’t Have 911 Called On Her

In a documentary, Kelly Cochran's family gave gross details.