R&B/Pop Artists That Millennials Love to Love: Your Favorite Artists From The '99 And The 2000s

We'll never forget our favorite artists from the '99 and the 2000s.

We know the new generation just wouldn't be able to understand, but these are the artists from the '99 and the 2000s we wish we could come back into our lives with more hits!

  1. Danity Kane

    We didn't sit by our TVs for three seasons watching MTV's Making the Band to have you all break up like this.

    But we'll never forget "Damaged," "Show Stopper" or that one song, "Sleep On It," which still rings in our heads so clearly from the show that when we listen to the album version, we can still hear the producer saying "yasss!" in our heads during Aundrea's part.

  2. Paula DeAnda

    "I'm leaving messages and voicemails telling you I miss you, baby / Am I doing too much?"

    And the answer was "yes," Paula. It was quite a lot. But regardless, we loved it, played it endlessly and knew that as teenagers we were all doing the absolute most.

  3. Cheri Dennis

    "I Love You" was our favorite song of the summer every summer and we're not even sure it came out during the summer. Regardless, we're still disappointed that she never made another single that popped like this!

  4. Mya

    In the early 2000s, I knew for a fact that I was Mya and Mya was me.

    Mya is a talented, caramel-colored girl with a charming smile — aka me!

    Anyway, this video speaks to all the great things Mya could do, with the exception of Broadway acting, which you can see in the movie Chicago if you need a reminder of her skill. Mya can sang (not sing, cause that's for regular folks), Mya can dance (did you see her tap dancing interlude? Get your life) and Mya can rock any style ever known to man (I know you saw all those clothing changes — your fave could never). Mya, we miss you girl!

    UPDATE: I was at a BET Music Meeting recently where Mya came in, and by recently, I mean today. Mya told us all about the music she has been making for the past ten years and even showed us an exclusive video of her hot new track with Chicago's very own Tink.

    She even had something for her more conservative music listeners, this AMAZING gospel record that will just show you a whole new side of Mya that you will fall in love with!

  5. 3LW

    If 3LW can perform "No More" one more time, we'll be at peace.

    So we're going to put this ask out. Can someone hit up 50 Cent and ask if Naturi can take a day off from Power and Adrienne can get one day off from The Real, because we need them to link up with our girl Kiely and get this reunion performance in order.

  6. Let this final video help you keep hope alive. #PrayersUp

  7. Tiffany Evans

    Hey, Tiffany, girl! I told my boyfriend to get me a promise ring because of you, so we're going to need you to stop playing and come back and make more songs about cute items my boyfriend should get me. Thanks, sis!

  8. JoJo

    Let's all think back to that first moment when you heard "Leave! Get out! Right now!" blaring through your stereo or car radio and you thought to yourself, "Oh! who's that soulful Black songstress?" Stop right there! 'Cause you were all the way wrong.

    JoJo single handedly changed the R&B dynamic by being the first white girl in my life that could blow like that under the genre of R&B. And we're so thankful for her gracing our lives with her dazzling vocals.

    Currently, JoJo has new music out, but what the kids don't know is we knew her first!

  9. Nivea

    I always looked at Nivea as more of a teacher than a singer. I learned quite a lot from her. 

    1. Don't Mess With the Radio

    2. Don't Tell Me Which Way to Go

    3. Just Leave It Up To Me

    4. You Riding With A Pro

    5. You Gotta Leave It All Behind

    6. You 'Bout To Get Up In The Mix

    7. Everyday Is A Blessing

    8. Don't Make No Mistake About No. 1

    9. Don't Mess With My Man

  10. Tyra B

    Before there was Ciara, there was Tyra B. Now, I'm not completely sure why I know Tyra B or how I found her in my youth, but what I do know is that "Givin' Me a Rush" was my jam! And from time to time, I find myself singing it for no reason. 

    And if you look closely in the video, you can see Troy from Dear White People as the leading guy. You're welcome!

  11. Teairra Marie

    I thought Tearria Marie was the next big thing! She was signed to Jay-Z's label and I felt like nothing could stop her. And to this day, I'm not completely sure what did.

    Most of you all know her from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and I don't even feel many of you know why she's even on the show because most of the time she's either discussing her failing friendship with Hazel-E or her messy relationship with Ray J or Sisqo. Anyway, to bring the spotlight back to where it needs to be, Tearria was a natural born star in the making, so my hope is that she gets back to her spotlight where she belongs!

  12. Cherish

    You know what, Cherish? We are your fans from the 2000s (remember us?) and, well, we feel unappreciated! 

    One day, all of you were singing. The next day, nothing. We were bouncing with it, dropping with it, leaning and rocking with you. What happened?

  13. Floetry

    Usually I'm the first to say Omari Hardwick made me watch the "Say Yes" video because he is the definition of #BaeGoals and I'm down to tune-in to any project he works on.

    But this time it was different. Floetry is what captured me! Their music was timeless and soulful, it gave you chills when you listened. It was modern day jazz blended with poetry and it worked. It came during a time when spoken word was everyone's side hobby and starring on Def Poetry Jam was how you knew you were making it. 

    And although Marsha Ambrosius has her own solo career that is booming, we wish a reunion between her and Natalie would come about.

  14. Ashanti

    OK, Ashanti, we know you're out here stuntin' on the 'gram and that's all well and good, but do remember the good ol' days, when "Rain On Me" reigned supreme or when "Happy" was every girl's anthem? Ashanti has a song for every type of situation or non-situation you were ever going through with your man.

  15. Richgirl

    Let me just begin by saying, I love Sevyn Streeter and therefore I have nothing but great things to say about this group because the lead vocals were all Sevyn. And one of the other members, Kristal Lyndriette, is actually now a member of Chasing Destiny's girl-group June's Diary

  16. Casha

    Would we even have "The Business" without Casha? Casha, wherever you are, you had the hottest hook of whatever year that was!

  17. Asia Cruise

    If I was cleaning out my original iPod right now, I know for sure I'd have to keep all of Asia Cruise's songs. This woman got me through every single breakup I had in high school even though her song never really related to my situation. I still want to send her a personal thank you for just singing "Selfish" 'cause it had me bopping through my breakup tears and wishing I had two friends to dance behind me in the hallways. #Inspiration

  18. The Old Chris Brown

    I, personally, love all forms of Chris Brown — new, old, singing about girls after school, singing about making love or whatever it is. I'm always down.

    But every girl that I've ever known loved Christopher Maurice Brown, so this is just shouting out Christopher from the early 2000s, whose hardest decision was dating the fine girl in his dance class or dating the fine girl who was in a ballet class down the hall.

    Sometimes I miss those easy struggles of just thinking of the best way to say "Yoooo!"

  19. Blu Cantrell

    Blu Cantrell made me wish I had a rich boyfriend who got buckwild, so that I could go hit 'em up style and go on shoppin' spree-ahs at Neiman Marcus or be "beamin' in the Beamer just beamin'."

    Our sistah Blu taught us ladies that "revenge is better than money."

  20. ISYSS

    I want to preface this by saying I didn't realize until I just watched the video that La'Myia Good was in this group. You may know La'Myia as Meagan Good's older sister, from her role on E!'s The Platinum Life or her marriage to Eric Bellinger. 

    Anyway, ISYSS' "Single for the Rest of My Life" somehow came up on Myspace one day and I was again in the midst of breakup season. So, after listening at least 112 times as tears streamed down my cheeks, I legitimately vowed to just be single forever, 'cause this song was so spot on about how I felt.

    On the brighter side, I have moved on from that vow and am no longer single and I still very much like this song! 

  21. 702

    It's actually harder to finish this list than I thought. There are so many groups and artists that are missing, but I really couldn't end this list without 702, who gave us the theme song to Cousin Skeeter and blessed us with the "don't play yourself" anthem "Where My Girls At."

  22. Blaque

    Let's be real, I would be remiss to have made this whole list if I didn't include Blaque. Girls could only wish to be as cool as these ladies, they were like the modern day TLC for those who were just being birthed into the '90s. Every video had a cool futuristic feel and their songs were always bound to get stuck in your head.

    RIP Natina Reed.

  23. One last video from Blaque for good measure. Also, I just want to note that this video is very, if not, extremely reminiscent of Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" video. I'll just leave it at that.

  24. Brick & Lace

    I saw myself in Brick & Lace, especially being a young Jamaican girl. I just instantly connected to them. I want them to re-emerge on the scene again because whenever I listened to their music, my mind was instantly transported to a foreign island where I'd be running on the sand with my friends!

  25. B2K

    If #MCM was around back in the day, B2K would've made the list every single Monday. These teen heartthrobs were a blessing, from the OK! Magazine posters to the ridiculously famed Scream Tours that had girls passing out left and right, these boys had us in the palm of their hand. And if they were back together again today (like Fizz and J-Boog had suggested on Love & Hip Hop) then perhaps we would be so blessed again!

    Let the real fans say, "Fo'sheezy!"

    Fun Fact: The "Why I Love You" video features cameos from Jhené Aiko, Naya Rivera and Marques Houston.

  26. Syleena Johnson

    R. Kelly and I both knew that Syleena Johnson had what it took to make it out here. She deserved more opportunities to shine! I truly trusted her "three snaps up, three snaps down" rule.

  27. Lil' Mo

    Lil' Mo could blow, OK! Mo and Fab were a superduo. Let's just be real, all her songs that featured him were A-1. They should've done a joint album. 

    Lil' Mo reminded me that I was a "superwoman" and explained to young ladies how to find out that you're ready to move to the wifey stage with her single "4Ever." And let's not forget, her beats were fire!

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