Beauty YouTuber Chelsie Worthy Calls Out Other Social Media Stars For Stealing Her ‘Traptorial’ Style

The MUA wants credit for her unique video editing skills.

In 2017, YouTuber Chelsie Worthy took the world by storm with her undeniable makeup skills and signature lip-syncing style videos dubbed, "Traptorials.”

Now, other famous beauty influencers are trying their hands at merging rap music to their makeup tutorials—without paying an ounce of homage—leaving Chelsie no choice but to use her social media influence to speak out.

With over 356K followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, we think it’s safe to say fans love Chelsie’s “Traptorials”—so we weren’t surprised when fans called out YouTubers Patrick Starrr and Manny MUA for “copying” at her unique editing style.

“Damn this is heartbreaking,” Chelsie wrote on a retweeted post of Patrick Starrr’s video using a new Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. “I was a Patrick Starr Stan. This is the ugly industry we are in, though. I have NEVER been welcomed or wanted and this fully solidifies that. It’s never ‘groundbreaking’ until ‘someone else’ does it.”

Sick of being disregarded and even more frustrated that neither MUA chose to acknowledge her, Chelsie took to social media with a series of posts to vent about the of struggles being accepted as a Black YouTuber in the beauty industry. 

“The beauty industry has made it PAINFULLY CLEAR that I’m not what or WHO they are looking for despite me being the person who CREATED this ENTIRE editing style," Chelsie wrote on a since-deleted Instagram post.

She continued, "From gate I’ve been made to feel like I DONT BELONG from the very influencers I once looked up to or have admired. Social media has caused me to look at myself so differently, despite working SO hard, I’m still made to feel like I’m nowhere good enough.”

As you may have noticed, not once did Chelsie mentioned fellow Black Youtuber Jackie Aina, but the beauty influencer decided to chime in before deleting the Instagram post. 

"NGL [not gonna lie] when I saw Patrick's video I wasn't getting traptorial vibes from it at all, and I reposted it because I saw he used my palette in a really unique way. I know you haven't said anything to me yet but I hope you don't in some way feel further discouraged because I helped boost his post," she shared.

Jackie added, "I 100% understand what it feels like to be overlooked and slept on and I want you to know that I have, and will continue to, support you @wvrthy and your content no matter what. You DO have a unique style, you ARE an originator."

Hurt by Jackie’s response, Chelsie responded in a thread of now-deleted tweets:

According to E!, Aina deactivated her Twitter and responded in a deleted Instagram post, explaining that she is not the “verbal punching bag of the beauty community... I’m not the security watch dog of social media and Black women already carry enough weight 24/7.”

In an attempt to crush the unexpected beef, Chelsie shared on Twitter she “won’t bash her or speak badly” citing Jackie as a “WOC trying to be as successful as she possibly can.”

She then went on to reveal she will, “continue to root for her,” calling her “the beacon of the black beauty community.”

Keep scrolling to see the series of tweets below:

“I took the initiative to stand up for myself and in the end I’m perfectly fine with the repercussions of my statements. I’m not afraid anymore,” Chelsie concluded.

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Wow! Are we the only ones hoping these strong Black women (and the entire Black community of MUAs) can come together to sprinkle #BlackGirlMagic on their fans? It's bad enough we constantly have to defend our originality. Just saying...

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