Exclusive: Tina Knowles-Lawson Reveals 7 Year Old Blue Ivy's Passion For Makeup

The ultimate matriarch shares all her best beauty secrets with us.

We can’t sing our praises to the icons that are Beyoncé and Solange without honoring their incredible mother, Mrs. Tina Knowles-Lawson.

Miss Tina, as she's known on social media, is a businesswoman in addition to a mother and grandmother, owning a very successful hair salon in Houston for many years and is the longtime fashion designer behind all of the prolific Destiny’s Child looks we know and love. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Miss Tina at Beautycon LA and I almost couldn't believe my own good fortune. She is as graceful, and poised, and adorably funny as she is on her Instagram channel. She even gave me one of her infamous “corny jokes.” (And if you’re wondering where her “corny jokes” originated, she posted one about a year ago after the passing of her late brother, to make herself feel better. Her social media followers loved it, so it became a weekly series.)

I was mesmerized by the beauty and intelligence of this woman, hanging on to her every word. I had to pinch myself when I realized I’m talking to the very person who birthed not one legend, but two!

The Texas native has always stayed behind the scenes helping develop her daughters' trailblazing careers. But thanks to social media, we’ve gotten to know Miss Tina ourselves. We're so grateful for the candid videos she shares of her family that we wouldn’t normally see!

She recently shared a video brushing Beyoncé’s natural auburn waist-length tresses, so when asked what the best practices are for Black women caring for their natural hair, the longtime hairstylist replied, “when you shampoo your hair, don’t be rough, be very gentle, or it will cause the cuticle to open and will result in breakage,” demonstrating in a downward motion. 

She also recommends using a moisturizing conditioner. 

(Photo: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)
(Photo: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

As women, we usually learn self-care from our mothers and grandmothers. My grandmother taught me to always moisturize my face and neck before bed. So, with two daughters who are absolutely #flawless, we wonder what beauty secrets the 65-year-old philanthropist passed along to her daughters.

Miss Tina's number one secret is to stay out of the sun!  “The sun ages you. You may not see it right away, but it will age you." She has a host of other secrets, including washing the make-up off your face at night, applying moisturizer, exercising, and drink plenty of water.

She also instilled in her girls to have confidence. “We’ve taught the girls from the time they could talk to have confidence. Don't worry about whats going on with other people, focus on yourself.” Miss Tina shared. It looks like she was very successful with that tip! 

As a woman who owned a hair salon for many years, Tina took pride in making women look their best. “Being a hairstylist, we are therapists, teachers, and friends,” she explained. 

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)
(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

For women, when we talk about self-confidence and knowing your self-worth, they usually go hand and hand. However, at times that mantra is looked at in a negative light, and is said to be vain. Miss Tina disagrees with that stigma.

“Looking your best and exuding confidence is not about vanity, it’s about self-care. My mission in life has always been to make women look their very best, because when you look your best, you feel your best,” Miss Tina proudly boasted. "Although outer appearance is important, it's even more integral to have inner beauty," the doting mother explained. 

The mogul explains that she has always taken deep pleasure in her appearance. Mothers typically don’t indulge in self-care when they have small children, either because time doesn't permit or they just don’t have the means. Tina believes that as mothers, you should always carve out time for yourself. She taught her girls who are now devoted parents to be strong, powerful, and "remember to take time for themselves," said Tina. You can’t be the best for your famiy if you don’t feel your best. 

“I’ve always took pride in looking good, I’m an advocate for keeping yourself together, even if it’s treating yourself to something as small as a lipstick,” she explained. Out of all of her jobs, being a mother is the most fulfilling. Although Tina only had two girls biologically, she mothered singer Kelly Rowland who came to live with them at age 11, and her niece Angie Beyince

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)
(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Over the years, she has never had a rigorous self-care routine, but when it comes to a must-have beauty product, you’ll always find a red lipstick in her purse.

“I can’t live without red lipstick. It doesn’t matter where it’s from; a drugstore, or a beauty supply, it doesn’t matter the brand. I will always keep red lipstick with me. It just makes you look pulled together," the four-time grandmother shared. 

Being a grandmother to top-charting, 7-year-old Blue Ivy is tons of fun. She says that although it's for playtime, Blue is a great make-up artist even at her young age. “Blue loves applying stones and make-up to her eyes, she’s actually very good at it,” said Miss Tina. 

Editor's note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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