‘Perfect Match’ Cast Spills Secrets on Season 2, Plus Tolú Reveals Her Dad’s Reaction to Her Sexy Kissing Challenge

While the season has ended, Tolú, Melinda, and Kaz share what it was like trying to find their perfect match.

Contestants from “Perfect Match” are reflecting on the latest scandalous season while dishing dirt on themselves and each other.

Season two of the Netflix reality dating show has ended, and some of its beloved housemates are spilling the tea on their lives post the tropics of Tulum, Mexico, after Nigel and Christine walked away as winners. Still, there’s no bad blood between contenders Tolú Ekundare, Melinda Melrose, and Kaz Bishop, who all agree they’ve retired from the world of looking for love on the small screen. 

“I want to try something else that will show another side of my personality, something that I can actually show my talent off [or] an adventurous, nerdy side of me like cooking [or] dancing,” said Kaz. 

Tolú, who was previously on “The Trust” on the same network, is done with reality dating shows because “I was fighting for my life in that house. I was in the trenches,” she explained jokingly of being on “Perfect Match.”

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While she’s “open and bubbly” in real life, the Nigerian Houstonian prefers to keep “vulnerable and romantic moments close to my chest.” She continued, “I'm more comfortable dating in the privacy and comfortability of my own space.”

Melinda has had enough of being a contestant on reality dating shows because of its “hectic” nature. “Everybody is trying to be the main character. Everybody is trying to be a pick me. Everybody has their own story, and everyone's yelling for attention.”

She’s ready for a man “that's financially stable, loves to travel, has a good heart, treats me like the queen, puts me first, isn't selfish, and does not try to dim my light.” caught up with Tolú, Melinda, and Kaz as they divulged the intricacies of the explosive season and how the ladies navigated being pitted against each other for the same guy. Melinda, you went from being the hostess with the most-est to being a contestant. What made you sign on to this season?

Melinda: I just thought, “Why not try something new?” I'm such a spontaneous person. I'm a girl that likes to try everything. I never like to limit myself to one thing. I'm like, “Let me see if I can shake some things up,” and that happened. Tolú, given your trust issues, what made you join the show?

Tolú: I have trust issues, but I'm also adventurous. But it's not impossible to find love on these kinds of shows. What was your game plan going into the house?

Melinda: I had no game plan, but when you're coming in from the board, all bets are off. It's good luck. Armor was on because I couldn't understand who was who because I knew everybody.

Tolú: I already know how the stigma goes with dark-skinned women in dating shows, so I went in there kind of weary. I may have been a little naive, but I went in there thinking to put my best foot forward, [be]100% as myself, and authentic. Melinda, Given your prior experience with much of the cast as a host, do you think people respected you more, saw you as a threat, or someone who didn’t deserve respect to be in the house?

Melinda: It’s awkward. It’s weird. It could be very intimidating for some of the castmates, and I get it. I'd be intimidated, too. Kaz, you and Tolú had a sexy moment during episode one when you gave her a lap dance. What thoughts were going through your head?

Kaz: I thought, “Should I keep it sort of tamed, or should I just go all out?” Then, the shirt came off. Tolú, you jokingly said that if your African parents were watching, they would be in disapproval. 

Tolú: My dad watched the show [at] midnight when all six episodes dropped, and he called me, then asked [if] this was the worst I’d done on this show. I was like, “I don't think it gets any worse than me kissing five dudes in five minutes in a bikini on the beach.” I was like, “Yeah, Daddy, this is as bad as he gets.” He goes, “Okay, you didn't do bad.” There was a shake-up when Melinda was paired from the board to go on a date with Chris. Was it difficult to be pitied against the other, as the only other Black woman in the house?

Melinda: I love my people and I respect that she's a Black woman. She's absolutely stunning. So my mindset wasn't to go in there and be like, “Oh, I'm better than you. I'm gonna take your guy.” I'm not here to fight another Black woman or tear her down. 

Tolú: I was bittersweet because there was nothing I was craving more in that house than having another Black woman be there with me. So when Melinda came, I was so happy, especially a dark-skinned black woman in the house. I wanted us to be friends, not competitors. Kaz, now that the dust has settled, are you still in a relationship with Micah today?

Kaz: No, we are not currently dating. We didn't even make it off the island before things went a bit south. It just got a bit messy. So nothing got pursued, and nothing happened after but we met up again [during] the summer break [and] had a good conversation. So we're not holding any grudges. We've kept in contact on Instagram. We're friends. Tolú, have your long-term relationship goals changed since it didn’t work out with Chris? 

Tolú: I want to get married, I want a ring on my finger, and I want to start a life with my person. I'm still dating to marry, but I am so selective of who I give my time, energy, and effort to because I know all that I bring, and I'm not just going to go ahead and give a prize to anyone. Given this experience, has reality TV enhanced your dating experience, or has it made some things more challenging?

Melinda: It has enhanced the dating scene because you are open to being put in a room with people who you would never think are your type, and then it downs it, because now everyone knows you, and then [you’re] trying to think “Are you dating me for me, or because you saw me on TV and you want some clout?”

Kaz: It kind of set me back a bit [because] of people's intentions and what they will gain from me. Kaz, are you still hopeful in finding your perfect match?

Kaz: They're out there. They're going to be sweeping me off my feet. I'm going to sweep them off their feet, and then we will be floating away to the stars.

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