Ouch: XXXTENTANCION Gets Knocked Out on Stage by a Sucker Punch

Ouch: XXXTENTANCION Gets Knocked Out on Stage by a Sucker Punch

“Make sure next time you kill me so I can’t talk sh*t.”

Published June 8, 2017

The abrupt end to Florida rapper XXXTENTACION’s San Diego show on Wednesday night (June 7) was a disturbing plot twist that no one saw coming — including the 19-year-old rapper himself.

Witnessed in rapidly emerging videos across the internet, XXXTENTACION’s performance is met by a flying fist from an unnamed individual running from the side of the stage, sending the rapper into full-blown K.O. mode. As security personnel swarmed the stage, we see other members who are, presumably, of XXX’s camp rushing to his aid and fighting off the culprit. It isn’t long before the stage transforms into pure pandemonium, unfolding right before the eyes of shocked fans and social media users alike.

Even though security quickly responded to diffuse the situation, as apparent in the footage, the “Look at Me!” rapper seems to believe there were some foul business handling at play instead.

“Security and venue set me up,” he tweeted. “I got sucker punched and knocked out, it is what it is.”

And for the fist-flinging individual who took him out on his own stage, he sends a suggestion for the next potential attack as well.

“Next time make sure you kill me so I can’t talk sh*t.”

According to The Sun, the attack was in direct connection to his ongoing rap rivalry with San Diego rap star Rob Stone. Judging by the traded shots the two have exchanged via social media for quite a while, speculation of a fan from the “Chill Bill” rapper’s camp defending his San Diego stomping grounds during XXX’s show isn’t all that far-fetched. Until official statements from either XXX’s team or the venue is released, however, details of what caused the attack is still in the air.

See it all unfold in the audience-view captured footage and XXX’s address to the uproar below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

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