Before The Glow Up, Salt-N-Pepa And Martin Lawrence Used To Be Co-Workers At This Odd Job

Before The Glow Up, Salt-N-Pepa And Martin Lawrence Used To Be Co-Workers At This Odd Job

The trio reportedly made a pact that would change their lives.

Published September 12th

It would be hard to imagine it now, but some of the culture’s biggest legends weren’t always so glamorous. In fact, before the glow up, a number of them worked a string of odd jobs, from handling the drive-thru at your favorite fast food restaurants to working in retail. Salt-N-Pepa and Martin Lawrence particularly had interesting rags-to-riches stories, working together as telephone solicitors at a Sears department store. In a new video interview with VH1, Salt-N-Pepa recalled their humble beginnings working in the cubicle next to Lawrence, and it's pretty funny.

“Martin Lawrence was trying to be a comedian. He sat in a cubicle next to me,” Salt, who went by Cheryl James back then, stated. “I didn’t think he was funny.” Although the rap duo weren’t laughing with the aspiring comedian at the time, they made a pact with him, stating, “Whoever gets put on first will put the other one on.”

And when Salt-N-Pepa hit the big time, the duo stayed true to their word and hired Martin to open up for them for one of their shows in Manhattan nightclub Inferno. And as people would say, the rest is history.

Both parties have come a long way since working retail. Martin Lawrence will reportedly be celebrated for his groundbreaking career and hustle at Hip Hop Honors: The 90’s Game Changers on Sept. 18 on VH1. Check out the clip of Salt-N-Pepa remembering their early days below.

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photos from left: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Macy's, Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)


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