This Pretty Ricky Member Tweeted His Way To A $2M Fortune

Pretty Ricky during Pretty Ricky Portrait Session - April 12, 2005 at John Ricard Studio in New York, New York, United States. (Photo by John Ricard/FilmMagic)

This Pretty Ricky Member Tweeted His Way To A $2M Fortune

The former R&B crooner is the brain behind your favorite parody accounts.

Published December 29, 2017

At the height of 2005, Miami quartet Pretty Ricky catapulted their way to the top of the charts with their seductive grooves and raunchy lyricism.

But after a bout with poor money management, the group eventually disbanded ― leaving most if not all members without a dime to their name. In the years since, however, founding member Spectacular Blue has found a way to bounce back by turning his social media savvy into millions.

In a recent interview with Inc. magazine, the former R&B crooner revealed that in the wake of Pretty Ricky's fading success, he was practically left homeless. After being kicked out of a family member’s home, Spec retreated to his girlfriend’s home, where he began his flourishing business as a social media guru.

"I worked almost 18 hours a day on my girlfriend’s mom’s little computer in her den, building up my Twitter page," Spec told the publication. "Within the first 30 days, I started making $15,000 from monetizing posts with ads sold against them. By the time I left my girlfriend’s mom’s house six months later, I’d earned about $100,000."

Spec says he realized that he had found a gold mine when he had a conversation with reggae singer Sean Kingston and rapper Soulja Boy. Upon learning that they had little to no idea how to monetize their millions of Facebook followers, Spec was inspired to start a company which would manage and grow social media accounts. And, from there Adwizar was born. 

Since then, Adwizar has grown exponentially. Its roster of clients have 240 million followers, and the company is making millions in revenue, turning Twitter and Facebook accounts for actors, musicians and athletes into cold, hard cash.

Take a look at Spec explaining the business model behind his company, currently valued at $2M, below. 

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo: John Ricard/FilmMagic)


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