Catholic Rights Organization Slams Jay-Z Over ‘Family Feud’ Video

(Photo: Tidal via Twitter)

Catholic Rights Organization Slams Jay-Z Over ‘Family Feud’ Video

The organization’s president has some harsh words for Hov.

Published January 2, 2018

While social media may have gotten their entire lives to Jay-Z’s Ava DuVernaydirected “Family Feud” visual, there’s one person who isn’t feeling the video at all. Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights president Bill Donohue recently blasted Hov for the video’s creative direction.

Donohue took to the Catholic League’s official website offering his two cents on the video writing, “Is it anti-Catholic? No, it is not a bigoted assault. Indeed, it pales next to Jay-Z’s relentlessly racist (and anti-black) lyrics. But it is nonetheless gratuitous as well as exploitative, just the kind of thing we would expect from this genius couple.”

The nearly 8-minute long video followed some of Black Hollywood’s biggest names as they told the futuristic tale of a royal family’s journey towards dominating a new society curated by a group of founding mothers. Jay-Z, who happens to be the father of one of the founding mothers, takes his daughter Blue Ivy Carter into a church where he confesses his sins to Beyoncé, who dons a Russian Orthodox-inspired ensemble.


Written by Jasmine Washington

(Photo: Tidal via Twitter)


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