Here's Why Lloyd Went Butt Naked For His New Album Cover

Here's Why Lloyd Went Butt Naked For His New Album Cover

He also shares a word for this homophobic fan...

Published July 9, 2018

R&B heartthrob Lloyd has returned for the LP edition to his 2016 EP, Tru, which marked his industry return after a lengthy hiatus.

Teasing what’s to come from the LP (and we really mean tease), Lloyd dropped off his bare and bold cover art for the project. In the photo, a nude Lloyd stands in the center of a path in the woods wearing nothing but a guitar—literally. The instrument is positioned in an upstanding position so that the neck of the guitar is covering Lloyd’s hanging *ahem* manly parts. The New Orleans native didn’t add much context to the stirring portrait after its release. But that’s changing after questions from the fans, and he’s got some uplifting words to share in light of its reception.  

  1. The cover art sent the entire internet into a frenzy after fans shared their thoughts on the photo
  2. Lloyd even responded to one of the fans, calling him out for his homophobic rhetoric and sharing much-needed enlightenment
  3. “So many of us wear the arrogance of ignorance,” he addressed in an Instagram caption of the photo. “Finding comfort in contentment”...

    Lloyd elaborated that he’s staying “true to his roots” and has a handful of important messages to communicate through this project. Rejecting temptation, overcoming life’s challenges and relieving the burden of acceptance names a few. “All inspired by a need to reach further inside to the core of my soul,” he continues. Tru, in all of its artistic symbolizations, will also touch on societal ills that have tainted the hearts of the people too, like depression, and highlight love and appreciation for women of all roles.

    In other words, let's keep our eyes and ears on the important stuff, folks.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: curlyheadedblackboy/Instagram)


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