Remy Ma Speaks On Relationship With Nicki Minaj: “I Don’t Know Her”

Remy Ma Speaks On Relationship With Nicki Minaj: “I Don’t Know Her”

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Published September 28, 2018

Remy Ma hasn't been able to sit still since the announcement of "the golden child" with husband Papoose. Amid the news of their forthcoming reality show, Meet The Mackies, the epitome of "Black love" are on a press run.

In a recent interview with noted instigator Wendy Williams, Rem was asked about her friendship with Cardi B. In light of recent events, as a friend, Wendy inquired about whether or not the Bronx natives have discussed the altercation between Cardi and "Hard White" femcee Nicki Minaj

  1. "When we usually speak, it's not a whole gossip thing or whatever. It's usually words of encouragement," said "Conceited" rapstress.

    Rem specified that her and Cardi's conversations typically chit-chat— "oh girl, don't worry about that. Girl, that'll blow over. You look great in Paris. Congrats on the baby." 

    The two seem to not "dwell over the negative," because they have more positive things to keep them entertained, according to Rem. However, Wendy then asked Remy on the status of her relationship with Nicki...

  2. Perplexed, the Terror Squad femcee replied, "what relationship?!"

    To avoid her body language being misinterpreted, Remy quickly cleared the air. Despite the lack of amicable rapport, she doesn't "habor any ill feelings and [doesn't] wish bad on her." Easing away from her "shETHER" diss, Remy discussed her sentiments about the fight on her show, State of the Culture.

  3. Otherwise, Remy doesn't speak on Nicki Minaj unless she's asked to or is provoked enough because she's not catching another case. Check out the full clip below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images, Brad Barket/Getty Images for TIDAL)


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