More Musicians Speak Out Against R. Kelly After 'Surviving R. Kelly' Documentary

More Musicians Speak Out Against R. Kelly After 'Surviving R. Kelly' Documentary

"Black women's voices matter, and R. Kelly needs to be held accountable. Period.”

Published January 7, 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but more and more members of Hollywood are banding together and against disgraced R&B singer, producer and songwriter R. Kelly in light of the revelatory Surviving R. Kelly docu-series.   

The six-part Lifetime documentary ran three nights as the world bore witness to the testaments of Kelly’s closest friends, family members, victims and enablers of his decades-long sex crimes. Of Hollywood’s biggest names, only R&B-soulster John Legend and talk show hostess Wendy Williams shared their voices in the documentary, where they spoke on his history with sexual crimes against minors and Hollywood’s silence on the issues among other matters.

Though not everyone was invited in front of the camera for Surviving R. Kelly, the age of social media granted everyone else a worthy enough platform to speak their minds on the matter as well.

Here are some of the loudest voices we heard from the #MuteRKelly movement:

  1. Tank
  2. Meek Mill
  3. 6lack
  4. Dee-1
  5. Additional comments from Chance The Rapper...
  6. Jojo
  7. Ne-Yo
  8. Chrissy Teigen
  9. India Arie
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    TAKE A MOMENT TO READ MY THOUGHTS: I boycotted R. Kelleys music in 2002 when I saw the video ~ I KNOW IT WAS HIM. CLEARLY. I wasn’t comfortable talking about it because the world I lived in .... everyone thought it was a joke, and they made me feel Ike I was too EARNEST. I saw the BBC documentary, I read the buzz Feed and New Yorker articles ... As a #survivor and a black woman in the music industry, I just broke down sobbing when I saw the video. I sobbed, because it was a graphic illustration, that I lived in a world that didnt value people like me. And I had to learn to take care of Myself in the face of a society and industry that doesn’t love me. I learned that I had to wear the crown of my ancestors and hold my OWN HEAD UP. And its been HARD. But I do it because I BELIEVE in my mission ~ I don’t need to sing ABOUT the fight , my mission is to administer to the people IN the fight. Humanity makes me sad all the time ~ the things were going thru ... but also today, I’m hopeful, that we as a GROUP are now #Muterkelly ~ BUT, I wont be satisfied until EVERY #survivor know, that “everyone of us is worthy” and when ever someone treats us as LESS, that is THIER mistake, ... And while the wound is not our doing, it is our responsibility ~ we have to heal ourSELVES. That healing can take on so much more MOMENTUM, when the world around us is healing too.... so I feel GOOD today knowing that we as a collective are waking up EVEN MORE, to the ways that the world / the music industry / the society / the culture ~ harm our women and girls. AND! I feel good today knowing that these growing pains ARE ABOUT GROWTH. We are ALL! WORTHY AND SIGNIFICANT AND WE MATTER! BECAUSE WE EXIST! MAY WE KEEP WAKING UP TO THAT FACT. IT IS A FACT! EVERYONE of us is #worthy #worthy #worthy #worthy #worthy #worthy #survivingrkelly #iamlight #muterkelly #survivingrkelly #rkelly #blackgirlsmatter #metoo

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Written by Diamond Alexis

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