Here’s The Major Holiday Rihanna Is Reportedly Dropping Her Ninth Album On

XXX attends the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Anniversary Event on October 3, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

Here’s The Major Holiday Rihanna Is Reportedly Dropping Her Ninth Album On

Navy, hold your boats.

Published July 24, 2019

Written by Danielle Ransom

While Rihanna has been busy making sure we’re dripped out in the latest fashions, courtesy of her history-making collaboration with LVMH, and keeping us glowed up to the gods, her non-music related, albeit popping, ventures haven’t quite placated the Navy’s unquenchable thirst for a follow-up to her anthemic 2016 album, Anti.

Although RiRi has continuously promised the Navy that she hasn’t put making music on the back burner, even revealing that her ninth album was reggae-inspired, she has been evading questions about release details for her ninth studio album like a game of dodgeball. 

Recently, the Barbadian bad gal epically trolled fans with a "No More Music" T-shirt and followed by sharing a hilarious clip from Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta that had fans convinced they wouldn’t be seeing R9 in 2019. 

Well, it seems RiRi is sticking to her promise of delivering new music this year. We’ll have some new tunes to go along with our Fenty. A source close to the Barbadian songstress shared some exclusive details about the long-awaited record with HollywoodLife.


Here is what we know so far about R9:


  1. The album might drop on a major holiday.

    Allegedly, the Fenty CEO and her label are planning to drop her ninth album around Black Friday. 

    “As of last month, Rihanna was still requesting songs from producers and writers, she has so many great songs, but until she‘s a thousand percent satisfied, she isn’t putting out the album and only Rihanna knows when that will be,” the source told HollywoodLife. “There is some pressure though as her record company wants a single out soon and would love the album to come out this holiday season around Black Friday.”

    But the reveal came with one admission that suggests fans might not want to get their hopes too high. The source cautioned that ultimately RiRi has the final say on when her album ultimately drops, adding, “no one is going to be that shocked if she pushes the release again.”



  2. The album's title will be an ode to the Navy.

    As for the title of her pending album, the source says that Rihanna is heavily considering labeling it “R9,” the moniker that the Navy coined during their three-year wait. 

    “Since R9 is being used all over social media, Rihanna thinks that if she doesn’t name it that, then her fans will call it that anyways. So the expected title front runner is R9,” the same source revealed.



  3. The album was almost a double album.

    “There were thoughts to do a double album, but what has won out is to do a single album of her favorite tracks she has recorded,” said another insider to HollywoodLife, telling the outlet that R9 will more than likely be a “10 to 12 song album.”

  4. The Navy is a ball of emotions over the relentless teasing, but it hasn't stopped them from being hopeful that they will see Rihanna's ninth album someday.

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