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A Tupac Movie Depicting His Escape To New Mexico Is In The Works

Tupac Shakur during Party For Cowboy Noir Thriller "Red Rock West" at Club USA in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

A Tupac Movie Depicting His Escape To New Mexico Is In The Works

The filmmaker behind the project reportedly claims it’s inspired by “facts” that he’s obtained “through certain people.”

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 12, 2020 / 01:50 PM

Written by Danielle Ransom

In life, there are some deaths that are just too great to comprehend. 

Such is the case for prolific rapper, actor, poet and hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur, whose untimely death at the age of 25 hasn’t ever fully left his fans’ consciousness. Thus, their doubt still lingers as to whether he actually died as a result of gunshot wounds in 1996. Every few years, unverified reports appear claiming that Pac is still among us heighten their skepticism.

  1. If you’ll recall, Suge Jacob Knight Jr., the son of the former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, claimed on multiple occasions that he believed the late rapper was still alive and living in Malaysia where he was recording new music. He later conceded that Pac passed away, but his claims only served as more ignition for the long-running conspiracy theories that have continued to surround Pac’s death for the past 22 years.

  2. One director and Las Vegas filmmaker, Rick Boss, hopes to explore that bizarre notion. Boss revealed to local news outlet KTVN that he intends to release a movie, tentatively titled 2Pac: The Great Escape From UMC, that will follow the turn of events after Pac’s notoriously fateful 1996 shooting. Boss’ film is currently in production, but he expects to release the motion picture in 2021. 

    According to Boss’ film, Pac came up with an elaborate escape plan after he learned that a hit had been put out for his life when he arrived in Las Vegas. 

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  3. “This movie is about Tupac actually escaping Universal Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico and getting protection from the Navajo tribe,” Boss told KTVN

    As for how Pac could have pulled this off, he asserts that the rapper used a body double and fled the city via a private helicopter and later relocated to New Mexico. 

    “When certain FBI agencies are looking for you, the first thing they do is block the airport so you can’t travel out. The best way to escape is through a private helicopter to another state,” he reasoned.

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  4. Contrarily, the actor who will be portraying Tupac in the film, Richard Garcia, believes Tupac did pass away as reported. 

    “He’s gone but he lives on like you said, like his mother said,” Garcia highlighted. “He lives on through all of us and through our memories and through our hearts and through our tribute."

    Boss’ film comes after another previous biographical feature film about Tupac’s life in 2017 All Eyez On Me, which was directed by renowned director Benny Boom. The film was universally panned by critics and fans of Tupac alike, so it will be interesting to see how Boss’ film will be received. 

(Photo: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)


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