Sammie On Evolving With The New Age Of R&B And Courting The Ladies

Sammie On Evolving With The New Age Of R&B And Courting The Ladies

The R&B veteran answered fan questions about his evolution as an artist, one thing he still wants to accomplish, and his forthcoming album, Such Is Life.

Published May 29th

Written by BET Staff

“About 11 years ago, I departed from an ex-business partner of mine. He took everything from me and it was the most humbling yet darkest days of my life,” Sammie shared with BET Digital. 

“The way that I kind of like rebounded from it was just getting spiritually intact with my maker. My prayer life intensified. I just remained firm in my unwavering faith and kept using the gift that he bestowed upon me,” he continued. “Slowly but surely, step by step one day at a time,...I was able to get out of it and now I'm flourishing.” 

  1. Right about this time, The Millenium Tour would’ve been on the way had it not got sidelined by the presently ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Sammie would’ve been on the road along with his fellow artists that defined the Y2K-era of R&B and hip-hop. But as far as he’s concerned, it’s all part of God’s plan. As one of R&B’s most enduring acts, Sammie knows a thing or two about weathering through the worst to reach better days.

    From a 20-year R&B veteran’s perspective, it’s all about evolving with the times. “One thing that never changed for me is the passion that I have for music and the respect that I have for the craft,” the 33-year-old. Though, there’s still one thing he’s hankering for: a Grammy.

  2. “To me, that's like the Superbowl championship of being a musician to be acknowledged in such a light amongst so many of your amazing [and] great peers.”

    But Sammie's most immediate priority is his forthcoming sixth studio album, Such Is Life, which will be out on June 5. In April, he dropped a single, “Friend Zone,” to tide fans over. Check out the rest of his 106&Park Mic Check episode to hear Sammie’s thoughts on evolving as an R&B artist, how to court a lady, finding renewal through his spirituality and more.

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