Salt-N-Pepa Reveal Why Tupac Was Cut Out Of The 'Whatta Man' Music Video

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 18: Cheryl James "Salt" (R) and Sandra Denton" Pepa" of Salt n Peppa visit "Extra" at The Levi's Store Times Square on April 18, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Salt-N-Pepa Reveal Why Tupac Was Cut Out Of The 'Whatta Man' Music Video

"It really bothers me."

Published July 23rd

Written by BET Staff

Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue's 1994 music video for their collab single "Whatta Man" had a high profile cameo, which (mostly) wound up on the cutting room floor. If you watch the video, you'll notice at a couple of points, Salt is in the embrace of an unidentifiable man. Turns out, that's Tupac Shakur.

  1. During an interview with LL Cool J’s website Rock The Bells on Wednesday, the femcees discuss why Pac’s face isn’t seen during the video, which was filmed in the midst of the rapper's sexual assault charges. Pac was also charged with shooting two Atlanta police officers, but those charges were later dropped, according to MTV News.

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    “[His reputation] was the whole reason,” Salt says about why Pac was cut out of the music video. “I hate that when I watch the video, it really bothers me.”


  2. “The record company panicked and only kept shots where you can’t see him,” Pepa says. “There were some great Tupac shots. And Salt always kicks herself. You can’t fight the record company.”

    “Being around him, that guy had charisma,” Salt continues. “He was the most amazing person that walked in the room. When he walked into a room, it was truly all eyes on him.”

    Watch the "Whatta Man" video, below:


(Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images)


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