An App for Tracking Your Sexual Health

Chec-Mate app

An App for Tracking Your Sexual Health

Tech2Go: With Chec-Mate, log your HIV status and share your test results with a partner.

Published July 31, 2012

(The Root) -- As we come to the end of National HIV Awareness Month, here is one more resource you should consider in the effort not only to end this epidemic but also to combat the spread of all sexually transmitted infections. The first step in preventing their spread is knowing your status. And the Chec-Mate app helps users stay on top of their health.


"The Chec-Mate application allows individuals to instantly locate screening facilities in their area, discreetly schedule a screening and securely store the results of that screening right on their smartphone for easy, confidential sharing," Eli Dancy, CEO of STFree Certifications Inc. and creator of the Chec-Mate app, told The Root. "STFree has developed a one-of-a-kind prevention tool based on effective prevention strategies that not only engages its users but also empowers, activates and positively impacts their lives."


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Written by Stephanie Humphrey,


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