Nas Discusses Inspiration for New Album

Nas Discusses Inspiration for New Album

The Queens MC talks about replacement for the shelved Lost Tapes 2.

Published May 17, 2011

Nas may have shelved his Lost Tapes 2 album but that doesn’t mean he’s not planning on releasing new music. The Queens-bred rapper recently admitted some of the mistakes he made with his last album, 2008’s Untitled, and what he’s got in store for the future. 


Nas highlights his new temperament as the cause for the change in course. “The last record I did was, I was in a different place that I am now,” Nas told “I’m happy to express that different place and I’m just happy about music. I’m watching everyone do their thing, young guys, women, artists just doing they thing.”


Nas points out Young Money’s Drake and Lil Wayne as well as the Cali rap collective Odd Future as some of his current influences before optimistically continuing on about the new project.


“I really over thought [Untitled]. I don’t want it to be like that on this record,” Nas continues. “I want to be able to play this next record after it’s done and feel like I did it. I have to do something that’s new. It’s just in me. I have to do something that feels like it’s right right now, and it could last.” 


As of now, the concept for the forthcoming project hasn’t yet been fully cemented. “My new album that I’m working on is free flowing,” said Nas. “At this point, there’s not one concept that sums up the whole record. I’m just flowing. It’s really too early to tell who I’ll be collaborating with.” 


Nas has not set a release date for the project at this time.

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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