Self-Proclaimed 'Skinny Bitches' Use Native Kenyans As Props In Bizarre Workout Video

Self-Proclaimed 'Skinny Bitches' Use Native Kenyans As Props In Bizarre Workout Video

The Skinny Bitch Collective is apologizing after facing backlash.

Published March 10, 2019

There is a group called the Skinny Bitch Collective that is supposedly popular with "the A-list and a myriad of supermodels." It is marketed as an invite-only workut group with "high-intensity and animalistic movements," according to their web site. To promote their collective, they posted a workout video with Native Kenyans being used as props.

See the disturbing video below:

According to BuzzFeed, the Skinny Bitch Colllective are having a retreat from March 6 to 13 in Kenya.  They proudly uploaded several videos, which have now been deleted, showing the local Maasai people standing around them.

The Skinny Bitch Colllective is now being slammed on social media with one blogger Diet Prada writing, "They also managed to use the local Maasai people not only as a backdrop, but as literal props in their fitness routines. The videos have already been deleted, but screen shots appear to show the girls writhing around the locals like an obstacle course."

Russell Bateman, the founder of the Skinny Bitch Collective, released a statement on Instagram. He claimed the collective was "required to be accompanied by the tribe at all times" because the retreat was on the tribe's ancestral lands. He also alleged a "friendship was formed" and the Maasai tribe "joined in" and gave permission to be filmed.

The statement continued, "Our intention was to promote a cross-cultural exchange through shared experiences, and to highlight the beauty of Kenya and its indigenous people. However, having taken a step back, we accept and understand that our content fell well short of this aim, and lacked appropriate cultural sensitivity by reinforcing colonial era stereotypes of people of color."

"Fell short" is an understatement. They used racism and colonization to promote their foolish work out group.

Written by BET Staff


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