Video: Black College Student Violently Arrested By White Officers Over Bicycling

Video: Black College Student Violently Arrested By White Officers Over Bicycling

When the female Oregon State University student refused to show her ID, the cops got aggressive.

Published October 24th

Written by Zayda Rivera

An Oregon State University student was allegedly riding her bike on the wrong side of the road when she was stopped by two police officers and arrested.

Genesis Hansen was arrested and charged with resisting arrest after refusing to provide identification, reports KLCC

The Oregon State Police released bodycam footage of the October 13 arrest on Monday (October 21) after several videos filmed by witnesses circulated across social media last week. 

In the 38-minute video released by the police department Hansen can be heard repeatedly asking State Trooper Kelly Katsikis why she was stopped and whether she is required to provide identification to the officer, WTKR reports

Moments later, another officer arrived and Katsikis said, “Every question that I ask, we go in a circular argument wherein they state, ‘I don’t answer questions.’ It’s a minor stop to start with, but that’s where we’re at.”  

When Hansen, who described herself to officers as a petite African-American mixed woman, refused to provide her ID, Katsikis gave her a choice.

“I need you to either give me your identification now, or you’re going to be placed under arrest,” the officer said. “Which do you want to do?”

“I don’t answer questions,” Hansen replied.

The officers then proceed to place the 21-year-old college student under arrest as she backed away. The bodycam video then shows them violently pinning her down to the ground, WTKR reports.

One officer said, “She is not complying,” while Hansen repeatedly said, “I’m not moving.” 

After placing her in handcuffs, Hansen tried to sit up after asking permission to do so. But when she refused to allow the officers to help her sit up, shouting “I don’t need your help,” they forcefully laid her back on her stomach, WTKR reports. 

“We are being gentle,” a police officer could be heard replying to onlookers, who described their actions toward Hansen as “unnecessary” and “abusive.” 

Shortly thereafter, Hansen was placed in the back of the police vehicle. She was arrested for interfering with an officer and resisting arrest, according to the citation released by Oregon State Police, WTKR reports. 

After being transported to the Benton County Jail, Hansen was released, according to the citation. 

“There isn’t a statute requirement for you to present your driver’s license when you are riding a bicycle,” Benton District Attorney John Haroldson told CNN, adding that after reviewing the footage several times, he told police there “weren’t grounds to pursue charges.” 

“Now Corvallis has made bicycling while Black an egregious thing in this United States of America,” E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland NAACP, said Tuesday (October 22) at a press conference, WTKR reports. 

The Alaska Oregon Washington State-Area Conference of the NAACP and the Corvallis-Albany chapter want all charges against Hansen to be withdrawn and for police to apologize, calling her arrest “another example of excessive use of force imposed on communities of color,” according to KLCC.

They are also calling for Oregon State University officials to provide support and assist Hansen in dealing with this experience. They also requested Corvallis City leaders to meet and work directly with the Corvallis NAACP Branch to adjudicate and educate around this issue, KLCC reports.  

“As an agency that is committed to eliminating racial profiling and implicit bias in policing, these allegations are being meticulously reviewed and we are compiling as much information as possible,” Oregon State Police said in a statement, WTKR reports. 

“The agency understands the importance of vigorously investigating these allegations and is taking a serious look at the incident,” the statement added. 

According to the ACLU of Oregon, “It is not illegal in Oregon to refuse to identify yourself, but police may detain you until they establish your identity.” 


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