BET And CBS News Present: “An Hour With President Obama”

Barack Obama

BET And CBS News Present: “An Hour With President Obama”

The new special hosted by Gayle King premieres Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. EST.

UPDATED ON : NOVEMBER 16, 2020 / 11:42 AM

Written by BET Staff

NEW YORK, NY November 16, 2020 — Today, BET announced an exclusive news special with former President Barack Obama airing Tuesday, November 17, at 8 PM ET/PT on BET and BET Her. Hosted by CBS This Morning’s Gayle King and 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley, “An Hour With President Obama” will feature Mr. Obama’s first on-camera sit-down interviews following the election of his former vice president and now President-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris. 

The special also marks the launch of his new memoir, A Promised Land, which releases Tuesday, November 17, and features his thoughts on his political ascent and presidency. The interview first aired in full on CBS News, and excerpts from it will air in the new one-hour BET special. From his improbable odyssey from a young man searching for his identity to shattering immeasurable barriers as the first African American president, securing passage of the Affordable Care Act, to running for office as a Black American and meeting the moral challenges of high-stakes decision-making, to the fight for racial justice for Black Americans, and President Donald Trump. No topic is off-limits.

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