With Draft Postponed, Terrelle Pryor Has Time to Make Case for Eligibility

With Draft Postponed, Terrelle Pryor Has Time to Make Case for Eligibility

Pryor’s lawyer now says his client told the NCAA in May that his mother accepted cash and car payment assistance.

Published August 17, 2011

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor may have received the best news he can hope for when the NFL confirmed it was postponing the supplemental draft scheduled for Wednesday.


Pryor, who left school in June amid an NCAA investigation into impermissible gifts he received, has been awaiting word on whether he would be eligible for the supplemental draft. ESPN first reported that on Tuesday the NFL informed all 32 teams that the supplemental draft is being postponed until further notice.


While this is good news for Pryor, it has to be disappointing for Georgia running back Caleb King, Northern Illinois safety Tracy Wilson, Western Carolina defensive back Torez Jones, North Carolina defensive end Mike McAdoo and Lindenwood defensive end Keenan Mace. All are eligible for the supplemental draft and if they were picked up would be free to sign with an NFL team and join camp soon.


The NFL is likely taking more time to examine if Pryor is eligible or not. Players are considered for the supplemental draft if their circumstances changed dramatically since the draft, like graduation or if they’ve lost their playing eligibility.


Pryor had been suspended for the first five games of the upcoming season, but he had not been booted from the program when he decided to leave school. However, as more details of his actions come out, it appears that Ohio State would eventually have dismissed him.


Now one of Pryor’s attorneys has informed ESPN that Pryor told the NCAA in May that his mentor Ted Sarniak provided cash to his mother and made car payments after being told he should distance himself. This new revelation is news to Ohio State, which is under NCAA investigation and had to fire its head coach largely because of Pryor’s actions.


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