Tennessee Titans Hint They May Sign Terrell Owens

Tennessee Titans Hint They May Sign Terrell Owens

The talented receiver has been sidelined by a knee surgery, but could be ready to play in the next few weeks.

Published October 19, 2011

It sounds like controversial free agent Terrell Owens could have a taker once he is healthy enough to return to football this season from his ACL surgery last spring.
Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak hinted Wednesday that there is a possibility he will consider signing Owens if he can pass a physical. The Titans are in desperate need of a wide receiver since losing Kenny Britt for the season because of a knee injury.
Owens should be ready to play some time in the next few weeks after going through months of rehabilitation.
"When [Owens’s] health is better and he can pass a physical — people thought the midpoint of the season, maybe — he might be a guy that may be able to work out to prove where he’s at," Munchak said on his radio show on Nashville's 104.5 FM, according to The Tennessean. "So of course us, or whoever else, is going to take a look, just like we have with other free agents, to see what kind of shape he’s in.”

Munchak said the ritual things about seeing how things develop, but clearly left the door of possibility open.

"A lot is going to depend for us on how we are producing at that position three weeks or two weeks from now, and how we’re doing overall,” he said. “All those things will factor into it. ... If he has a way of helping our team win then, for sure, you’re going to take a look at him.’’
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