ESPN Gets Dragged for This Odell Beckham Jr. Mock Fantasy Football Auction

ESPN, Odell Beckham Jr.

ESPN Gets Dragged for This Odell Beckham Jr. Mock Fantasy Football Auction

"Are we gonna pretend that this don't look like a slave auction because it's fantasy football?"

Published August 15, 2017

The start of each NFL season means millions of fans playing fantasy football attempting to assemble the most-talented squad to dominate their league.

As part of its Fantasy Football special Tuesday, ESPN ran its Fantasy Football mock auction ... and failed miserably, as the segment enraged people for seemingly reenacting a scene straight out of Get Out, with Black players, such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown, being sold to a sea of white owners.

WTF!? Who gave this insensitive auction the green light and thought it was a good idea?

Upon seeing the disturbing segment, people blasted and severely dragged the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" to hell and back with zero chill.

  1. ESPN's insensitive, Misled Attempt at this Mock Auction got the Internet talking quickly

    And it didn't take long for people to ether them for this completely misguided segment.

  2. It immediately triggered thoughts of 'Get Out'

    Shaking our damn heads as well.

  3. And People asked ESPN what in the world were they thinking with this?

    Clearly, they didn't think this through at all.

  4. And they dragged the network to hell and back for its severe poor judgment

    Seriously ... how was this ever allowed?

  5. Just ... No


  6. Others weren't trying to hear the excuse that this was just a fantasy football mock auction

    "Do better" is right.

  7. Waiting on an apology like ...

    Any minute now, ESPN. Any minute.

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