Hey, ESPN, Jemele Hill Has Always Been Woke AF Out Here And That's Why We Love Her

Jemele Hill

Hey, ESPN, Jemele Hill Has Always Been Woke AF Out Here And That's Why We Love Her

The "SportsCenter" co-host certainly isn't shy about speaking her mind.

Published September 13, 2017

ESPN has been getting ethered for trying to silence SportsCenter co-host Jemele Hill after she called President Trump a "white supremacist."

But we'd like to tell "The Worldwide Leader in Sports" that Jemele has been woke AF out here ... and that's why we love her. Dig a simple month back into her Twitter timeline to notice that Hill has boldly spoken her piece on numerous social-conscious issues, never shying away.

Yet, ESPN chose this time — when she slammed Trump — to reprimand her? Wow ... OK.

Just in case you were unfamiliar, it's time to get familiar with Jemele Hill and several instances when she has stood up and that something that needed to be said. Salute, Jemele! We stand with you.

  1. This series of tweets dragging Trump landed Jemele Hill in trouble with her employer, ESPN

    So, ESPN is drawing a line with Hill firing shots at Trump? Wow. Just ... wow.

  2. But Jemele has been woke AF, like the time she dragged the Charlottesville incident's white supremacists with zero chill

    All of this.

  3. Not only did she slam them, but she urged her followers to put any Charlottesville rally participants on blast

    Say that!

  4. And she schooled people on how racism is taught and learned


  5. Jemele also wasn't shy tackling ESPN's disgraceful mock fantasy football draft, which resembled a slave auction

    We told you that she's been woke out AF here.

  6. She also severely scoffed at the notion that sympathy should be given toward any white supremacists in Charlottesville and brilliantly worked Kaepernick into her point

    Point them out.

  7. And when one white supremacist from the Charlottesville incident said that being photographed ruined his life, Jemele wasn't about to cut him any slack

    We couldn't find a "single you-know-what to give" either.

  8. Then there was the time that she awarded this guy with the 'Dumbest Tweet of the Day'

    Congratulations, sir. You earned this.

  9. And she thoroughly read this guy's tweet

    Jemele's not one to try.

  10. She has also been quite vocal about Colin Kaepernick's stance, speaking about Dez Bryant not willing to kneel and Kaep's overall protest

    That makes Kaep's support for Hill all the more dope in our eyes.

  11. She also came down on a sports media outlet's lack of diversity on its staff

    Excuses, excuses, indeed.

  12. And peep how Jemele pointed out the hypocrisy of Cleveland police, and how they seemingly showed more anger over the Browns' national anthem protest than Cleveland cops' murder of Tamir Rice


  13. And she called out Las Vegas Police over their all-too-predictable move following their disturbing incident involving Seahawks' Michael Bennett

    She's undefeated out here, we swear.

  14. And in case you thought she hasn't responded to ESPN condemning her statement about Trump, check out her pinned tweet, which remains atop her Twitter page

    Damn, we miss President Obama and former FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Love and respect to Jemele Hill.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)


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