This Video Of Cops Celebrating With Rowdy Eagles Fans Has People Calling Out White Privilege

Philadelphia Eagles fans

This Video Of Cops Celebrating With Rowdy Eagles Fans Has People Calling Out White Privilege

"I hope the police show this much restraint at the next peaceful Black Lives Matter protest."

Published February 5, 2018

Philadelphia Eagles fans got super turnt on the city's streets following the team's 41-33 upset victory over the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LII on Sunday. And for great reason, considering it was the franchise's first-ever Super Bowl title and they defeated the perceived GOAT quarterback, Tom Brady, to get it.

And even while fans climbed lampposts, set things on fire, flipped cars and jumped on the Ritz Carlton hotel awning until it collapsed, Philadelphia police somehow managed to show restraint, with some cops even joining in on the celebration.

People were in awe of the latter and had no choice but to attribute it to white privilege, allowing fans to tear the city up without much of any consequences.

Take a look at the footage of Philly police getting turnt with fans and people wondering if police will keep the same energy during let's say a Black Lives Matter protest. Hmm...

  1. Watch This Cop Get Turnt with Eagles fans during what was one wild Super Bowl victory celebration on these Philly streets

    #PressPlay Even the cops in Philly are lit 😩😂

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    People saw scenes like this and had questions, though.

  2. Philly police even boasted that the night was relatively under control with little to hardly any incidents

    Impressed or nah?

  3. People saw some of these wild celebration videos and wondered if police would show this kind of restraint during a Black Lives Matter protest

    Hopefully...but somehow we doubt it.

  4. Others didn't hesitate speaking out loud about the reason why there were so little reported arrests, calling out the blatant white privilege


  5. Well, Fox News...

    The double standard is so blatant and beyond disrespectful.

  6. And about police showing 'restraint' ...

    Better way to put it.

  7. Just amazing when you think about it ...

    Shaking our damn heads.

Written by BET Staff

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