See 4 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dining Room for Thanksgiving

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See 4 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dining Room for Thanksgiving

Becky Shea of Homepolish shows us how it's done.

Published November 22, 2016

The turkey may be the star of Thanksgiving but when inviting guests into your home for the holiday, home décor is just as important as the food itself. Whether it’s your in-laws that are coming over or your extended family from out of town, the point is you want to impress.

So how do you do Thanksgiving decorations without turning your home upside down? We called in Becky Shea of interior design service Homepolish to give us a few easy tips on how to style your place for Turkey Day.

  1. Let’s start with lighting…
    (Photo: Claire Esparros for Homepolish)

    Mood lighting can set the entire tone for dinner by instantly making a space feel cozier. Becky suggests candlelight paired with halogen lighting for dinner. “I always love the warmth of Edison bulbs, but not everyone likes the look of them. So I recommend the use of standard halogen bulbs, which will give the same effect. Always look at the lumens. The higher the lumen the brighter the bulbs! In this case, you'll want to go with lower lumens,” she recommends.

  2. When it comes to place settings…
    (Photo: Claire Esparros for Homepolish)

    Here’s Becky’s advice for fun ways to do easy, not-so cheesy place settings:

    - Appointing your flatware and plates in its proper layout can make a big impact. Place a little pumpkin or walnut on each plate to add elements of nature and food. Finish with a free printable, like leaf cutouts, to add a name card.

    - Use brown paper to wrap your utensils up nice and snug with a welcome note and your guest names for a personal touch.

    - An interactive way to do place settings is to put a recipe card on your guests' plates with their names and cute bark pencils so they can write the ingredients to their favorite dishes. It looks beautiful and it’s a great conversation starter!

  3. Don’t go over-the-top cheesy…
    (Photo: Claire Esparros for Homepolish)

    If you’re not sure on how far you should go with the whole Thanksgiving theme, Becky’s professional opinion is to “Avoid going kitchy on holidays. The best-suited decor is using the ingredients and elements within your home. Though, I do recommend giving the table a little face-lift by way of a nice mustard or burlap napkin and a neutral-toned tablecloth. And hey, if you love pumpkins, do it in a fun yet subtle way.”

  4. The big finish…
    (Photo: Claire Esparros for Homepolish)

    Be practical when it comes to centerpieces. Becky says, “Use your main courses as centerpieces. By appointing them in fun directions, you create a sustainable centerpiece that everyone can simultaneously appreciate. I've also used leftover veggies, like carrots and parsnips, as a centerpiece to add a little color.”

    And to spruce up an area where appetizers are being served she adds layers! “If you have old, small pictures of family members, you can tuck them in between each dish. I love adding layers, and the best way to do this is by stacking boxes to give your appetizers different heights. It'll definitely make the presentation very desirable,” she claims. 

    Of course, don’t forget to bring it back to the food! “Think outside the box with your menu, how you want your guests to interact, the wine pairings with your appetizers, and be minimalist in your decorative approach. Always stick to the grass roots of Thanksgiving.”

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Claire Esparros for Homepolish)


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