This Machine is the Secret to the Perfect Squat

This Machine is the Secret to the Perfect Squat

If you're avoiding a fat transfer, try this first.

Published March 31, 2017

By now, everyone knows that if you are going to forego a fat transfer, the best way to get your booty in fighting shape is to do squats — a lot of them. But squatting with the wrong form can cause all kinds of issues, ranging from more serious injuries to your back to your backside looking less than stellar. Getting the proper form usually requires the advice of an expert, aka a trainer. But since they are pretty pricey, it would be really nice if there was a way to perfect your squat without watching a million YouTube videos. Enter the DB method, a squat machine that will answer your prayers. 

Low-zone pulses, making our booty burn.

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The DB Method machine retails for $189, so for less than your typical pair of jeans, you can actually make your booty look good in just about any pants. 

There are three different kinds of squats that you can do on this machine and the apparatus guarantees that you will achieve maximum results because it helps you to do the perfect squat every single time.The machine alleviates the overused quad muscle and activates the glute muscle and has been specifically created as to not allow you to overextend your knees over your feet. As an added bonus, doing squats like this has demonstrated cellulite reduction and improved overall circulation for users. 

Starting Monday strong :: Do mid-zone pulses for 2 minutes and feel the burn in your glutes immediately 🔥🍑

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Additionally, a workout program that details what you should be doing with your machine is available so that you aren't lost in a squatting vortex. It is totally collapsible as well, so don't be worried that someone will mistake this for a sex toy in your living room.

The DB Method machine is available here

Written by Danielle Prescod

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