How Beverly Hills Surgeon Removed Gorilla Glue From Tessica Brown’s Hair

Dr. Michael K. Obeng removes Gorilla Glue

How Beverly Hills Surgeon Removed Gorilla Glue From Tessica Brown’s Hair

Dr. Michael Obeng explains the method he developed to address the harrowing situation.

Published February 11th

Written by Blake Newby

The saga that is Tessica Brown’s gorilla glue mishap has captivated the attention of people all over the world. But now, after what Brown says has been a more than month’s-long mishap, she touched down in Los Angeles for a procedure that will finally bring her rock-solid hair travesty to an end.  

Brown arrived in California from Louisiana on Wednesday morning to see Dr. Michael K. Obeng, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Miko Medspa, who saw Brown’s story and sprung into action. The Beverly Hills doctor will finally provide Brown with some relief by completely removing the gorilla glue from her hair. The $12,500 procedure will be performed free of charge for the viral sensation. 

Contrary to some reports, however, it won’t take two to three days for Dr. Obeng to remove the heavy-duty sealant. “I don't know where that came from, but it will actually only take two to three hours to complete, and Tessica will be put to sleep so that she doesn’t feel any pain,” Dr. Obeng tells BET Digital. He explains that to remove the glue, he will use a specially made solvent created by him and his team, that will dissolve the long-bonded adhesive. However, the solvent does contain powerful chemicals to break through the seemingly indestructible adherent, which is why there will also be heapings of conditioner and “sterile water on standby.” 

And while Dr. Obeng is unable to completely give specifics of the entire process, he says that much to everyone’s surprise, Brown will in fact be able to retain her hair. However, whether she chooses to keep her hair after the procedure, is her decision. “The procedure will not remove her hair,” Dr. Obeng says. “However, the strong solvents may damage the health of the hair.” Because of that, he says Brown may want to protect her hair with wigs and other styles. 

According to Dr. Obeng, Brown should experience a full and speedy recovery. 

(Photo: Dr. Michael K. Obeng Instagram)


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