Influencer Claims Fashion Nova Stole Her Designs

Influencer Claims Fashion Nova Stole Her Designs

Jai Nice took the controversy to Instagram.

Published July 24, 2018

Jai Nice, the young entrepreneur and owner of massive e-boutique Kloset Envy, is accusing Fashion Nova of stealing her designs, and things are really heating up. Among other things, Nice has accused the CEO of the largest fast fashion website Richard Saghian of being a “culture vulture.”

It all started when Jai posted a video on Instagram yesterday apparently showing a Kloset Envy cropped zip-up ruche sleeve hoodie in a box with and a return label from Fashion Nova’s returns departmentL

The Kloset Envy owner went on to claim that her hoodie was designed last October, and once she released it, she started seeing knock-offs. Jai also accused the mega brand of copying African-American companies and even telling manufacturers not to work with certain people in order to put other companies out of business.


Nice also took a slight jab at the IG models who get paid to promote the brand. Fashion Nova apparently caught wind of Jai’s rant because shortly after, they posted an image of the latest collaboration with singer Cassie with the caption, “Throwing Shade 🌞 Have you shopped Cassie’s Picks yet?”

Jai went on to comment under their post — and then Fashion Nova blocked her.

You can compare Kloset Envy’s cropped hoodie ($70) and the Fashion Nova version ($60) and judge for yourself.

We’re not sure how this whole Instagram fashion debacle will turn out, but we are standing by as the gloves continue to come off. 

BET requested a statement from Fashion Nova but they declined to comment.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Fashion Nova)


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