Serena Williams Releases A Wrap Dress Perfect For ‘Everybody And Every BODY’

Serena Williams attends Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 at The Sunset Room in LA. (Photo by Rachel Luna/WireImage)

Serena Williams Releases A Wrap Dress Perfect For ‘Everybody And Every BODY’

The tennis player and fashion designer is having a red hot summer.

Published August 1, 2019

Written by Tweety Elitou

Serena Williams debuted her inclusive clothing line last year, and it’s been breaking barriers since its launch. 

The tennis champ recently took to her Instagram to share the news that her fashion line is releasing a dress that will be flattering on every body type. In the video, the champion tennis player wore a scarlet twist-front midi dress ($120) that flattered her every curve. 

“I designed the Twist Front Dress for everybody and every BODY,” the 37-year-old mom captioned the post. The tennis champ proved it by having an array of models beside her varying in shapes and sizes to show just how flattering the dress is on different body types.

“No one in the world looks exactly the same,” she explains in the clip. “We all are different people, we have different personalities, we have different traits, we all look different and we’ve got to bring our personalities out.”

This red hot dress looks like it’s going to be a necessity for every woman’s closet. One model jested that the dress made her “feel spicy like a jalapeño,” while another said how it made her feel “confident in [her] curves.”

The Twist Front Dress is currently sold out in most sizes, but we're sure more will be available soon!

(Photo: Rachel Luna/WireImage)


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