EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna Got Her Body Back With A 25-Minute Workout On This 30K Machine

EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna Got Her Body Back With A 25-Minute Workout On This 30K Machine

I tried it — and almost didn’t make it.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 13, 2018 / 03:04 PM

Ah, celebrities. They’re just like us, right? Not exactly, but if anyone is a girl of the people, it’s everyone’s favorite: Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Since Rih turned 30 last year, she’s been enjoying the ebbs and flows of her body growing and changing. She recently declared in British Vogue, that she was looking to get back into the gym (but not going to lose her hard-earned assets). The singer, makeup and lingerie mogul said, "I'm about to get back into the gym and stuff, and I hope I don't lose my butt or my hips or all of my thighs. I'll lose some but not all. And I think of my boobs, like, 'Imma lose everything, everything goes!'" Everyone should aspire to this level of comfort, but for those of us who would kill to look like Rihanna however she comes, I decided to do some research into how to do just that.


My search led me right to Lagree Fitness, an LA-based workout that features a machine called the Supra, invented by founder Sebastian Lagree. The workout itself is 25 minutes of the most intense Pilates torture/workout ever. Sebastian’s wife, Dede Lagree, who also regularly trains all of the studio’s VIPs, put me through my paces. By minute nine, I was in tears. This is some of the most impossible exercise, requiring an exorbitant amount of strength, balance and determination. After almost killing me, Dede sits down with me to give me the dish on RiRi and Lagree.

“The method is different, because it is the ultimate fitness workout. You don’t have to do anything else. What is really unique is that it is for everybody, so you could have all the fitness experience or you could have never worked out in your life. It is a high-intensity, low-impact workout, which is really hard to find. You can be a total beginner and you are going to get like the best work out in your life and burn a crazy amount of calories. It is just the most effective workout on planet Earth, and it is great for women because you don’t bulk.” OK, so I’m obviously sold. Aren’t you?

Well, what makes it even better is a co-sign from the bad-gal herself. “Rihanna’s chef got her into it, Debbie. [She] became obsessed with the workout and she was like, ‘You have to come, you have to come!’ So it really is a lot of word to mouth. Khloe Kardashian’s assistant comes here and Khloe Kardashian is a huge fan of the Lagree method.”

The method specifically was developed by fitness enthusiast Sebastian Lagree when he was looking for a way to cross train. Dede clarifies, “Sebastian’s background, actually, that’s in bodybuilding, so he wanted to find an alternative to weightlifting. This is really your true alternative to any kind of strength training workout with weights.” Lagree has already amassed a massive following. Dede also trains Viola Davis. Yes, you could say that she is responsible for those arms. Viola has a Supra machine in her house, which, of course, is only something the most A-list of the A-list have. “For celebrities, we typically gift them a machine or we let them borrow. Sophia Vergara has a custom purple Megaformer with a ramp at her house. We don’t sell [Supras], but we do sell used Megaformers.”

For the faint of heart, this is definitely the kind of workout that comes with a high risk of addiction, but it’s also so difficult that you run the risk of maybe dying the first time you try it. The workout, like most exclusive celebrity things, is only available in two locations in LA, but the Lagree team has made it quite accessible for you to try it wherever you are. Dede encourages anyone looking to try this workout to log online first. “If you have a membership to the Fab Fit Fun Box, we have five videos that have been up there forever. They’re all 30 minutes and all booty, arms, or legs.” Then, of course, you can try a Megaformer class, which is not as challenging as the one on the Supra, but still, with enough dedication, it’s sure to yield the same results. “There’s over 300 studios worldwide with the Megaformers, so typically if you are in any city, you’re going to find one.”

Written by Danielle Prescod


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