Adrienne Bailon Undergoes Lifestyle Overhaul To Lose 20lbs In Preparation Of A Pregnancy

Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon Undergoes Lifestyle Overhaul To Lose 20lbs In Preparation Of A Pregnancy

She coined the phrase "self-discipline is sexy" with her husband.

PUBLISHED ON : JANUARY 14, 2020 / 04:11 PM

Written by Tweety Elitou

The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon Houghton embarked on a serious lifestyle change, and the results have left fans in awe! 

While chatting on her last All Things Adrienne vlog of the year, the 36-year-old talk show personality revealed that although she lost 20 pounds to look her best, her overall goal was to change her entire lifestyle. 

“I legit at the top of the summer looked at myself in the mirror and I was just like, what are the things that I want to change? One of those things was, I want to be healthy, and I don’t want to go on a diet. I want this to be a lifestyle,” Adrienne shared on her vlog.

The 4-foot-11 beauty went on to say that she managed to get down to 105 pounds in three months by setting realistic goals, deadlines, cutting alcohol, drinking lots of water and going vegan. 

On a mission to change her mind, body and soul, Adrienne also partook in the “First 15,” explaining, “You take five minutes to pray, five minutes to write, and five minutes to read the word.”

Cutting out bread, pasta, and “white refined carbs” also played a part in her transformation.

“I recognize that it makes me feel sluggish,” she said. “It fills me up very quickly but it has no nutrients. And I recognized there were other alternatives that I have found to love just as much.”

Instead, the once bread “obsessed” star now opts for Ezekiel bread and rice cakes as her replacement. 

For those who may think that removing bread from their diet may be impossible, Adrienne asked, “What do you want for your life?"

"If you don’t want to give up something then you don’t want it badly enough. It’s just the facts. There are no shortcuts; there is no easy way to do it,” she continued. “If you look in the mirror and there is something you don’t like, you have to make a decision within yourself to say, ‘I am going to make a change so that I can get the results that I want that makes me feel good about me.’"

According to the singer, preparing to perform in a heavy 20-pound costume for The Masked Singer also helped tremendously in her fitness goals. 

Taking an ode from Beyoncé’s days of running and singing in heels, Adrienne worked out on her elliptical every day for 45 minutes, sans the stilettos. 

A lifestyle change isn't always easy, but thankfully her husband, Israel Houghton, supported her in staying disciplined, especially while sticking to her rule of no eating out.

“Anyone that is a distraction or someone that is getting in the way of you reaching your ultimate goal or doesn’t support you or encourage you, you might want to cut those people off,” she said, revealing her husband was always supportive. The couple even coined the phrase “self-discipline is sexy.”

Not knowing she lost a lot of weight, Adrienne was ecstatic when her Masked Singer costume had to be adjusted. 

“Seeing the difference was crazy,” she said. “There is something so dope about achieving your goal and knowing, for me, it was knowing that I absolutely can do this. It is possible. It just takes self-discipline. That makes me feel great, knowing that it’s something that I absolutely have control over.”

So what was her inspiration for getting healthy? While chatting with Hola! last November, Adrienne revealed the heartwarming reason for changing her diet and overall lifestyle. 

“Honestly, family planning,” she said. “I knew that wanting to have a baby I want to be in the best shape of my life. I really buckled down this summer and just made it happen. I got into a routine of working out, so that the day I’m pregnant, I can continue to be consistent with working out.”

We are so proud of Adrienne. You go, girl!

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