Clarence Thomas

New Book ‘The Grift’ Unravels The History Of Black Republicans From Frederick Douglass To Clarence Thomas

According to author Clay Cane, "The original Black Republicans would find the Black Republicans of today repulsive."

Clarence Thomas Admits Taking Trips On Conservative Mega-Donor Harlan Crow’s Private Plane

The justice’s ethics are in question after he failed for years to report expensive gifts.

Clarence Thomas Didn’t Disclose Tuition Fees Wealthy GOP Donor Paid For His Grandnephew, Report Says

The Texas billionaire also lavished luxury vacations and bought family property from Thomas, none of them disclosed.

OPINION: Clarence Thomas Accused Of Impropriety With Billionaire, Is That A Surprise?

This is part of a trend going back three decades and it’s another disappointment.

Georgia Republicans Vote For Statue Of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Democrats are slamming the monument, which would be in his hometown of Pin Point, Georgia.

Justice Clarence Thomas Has ‘No Clue’ What Diversity Means

As opening arguments began in two high stakes cases, the judge asks a presenting attorney for an explanation of what diversity is.

Why Clarence Thomas Gave A Temporary Reprieve to Lindsay Graham From A Federal Subpoena Over Alleged Election Interference

The South Carolina senator asked the justice to spare him from discussing calls he made to Georgia’s Attorney General after Trump lost the state.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Reveals He Was A Prince Fan, But Only In The 80s

As the high court hears arguments in a copyright lawsuit that could shake up the entertainment industry, the SCOTUS judge revealed something about himself.

Ginni Thomas Agrees To Interview With Jan. 6 House Committee

The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has supported Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Black Thought Leaders Blast Racist Attacks Against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Black notables from differing political ideologies penned an open letter calling out the distinction in criticism of Thomas versus hate speech.