Damar Hamlin

Damar Hamlin Is Planning For a Comeback As He’s Cleared To Return To NFL

The Buffalo Bills safety went into cardiac arrest in January during a televised football game.

Damar Hamlin ‘Will Play Professional Football Again’ Doctors Say

The Buffalo Bills defensive back has made an amazing recovery from cardiac arrest.

Damar Hamlin Makes First On-Camera Appearance Since Collapse

The NFL safety expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support since going into cardiac arrest during an NFL game on Jan. 2.

Damar Hamlin Responds To Rumors That He Secretly Died From The COVID Vaccine

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen also blasted the conspiracy theorists.

Damar Hamlin Visits Buffalo Bills After On-Field Collapse

The Bills safety had to be resuscitated on the field during a January 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Damar Hamlin Released From Cincinnati Hospital To Continue Recovery In Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills player is now in the ‘next stage’ of what is by all accounts an amazing recovery.

‘Keep Praying For Me’: Damar Hamlin Thankful In First Instagram Post

All NFL teams to sport ‘Love for Damar 3’ shirts, Commissioner Roger Goddell says.

Opinion: Damar Hamlin’s Story Is Not Unlike Many Others Who Seek Greatness In Sports

The scene at Monday night’s game left many shocked but those who step on the field of play were reminded of the risks.