Mitch McConnell

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Walks Back Demand to Repeal Obamacare

Johnson’s comments to do away with the Affordable Care Act got swift backlash and caused the Senate Minority Leader to weigh in.

Not Looking Good! You'll Definitely Want to Read This And See How the Senate Tax Bill Affects You

If you're lower/middle class, the bill will be devastating.

"Heartless": People Are Slamming The GOP Tax Overhaul Bill As "#TaxScam" Trends On Twitter

"The 'Tea Party' wasn't about the deficit."

‘#ShePersisted’: Mitch McConnell's Attempts to Silence Elizabeth Warren Reading Coretta Scott King’s Letter Became a Loud, Proud, Slogan

Everyone needs to know what MLK's widow had to say.

Obama, G.O.P. Prepare to Battle Over Scalia's Open Seat

Things just got really real.

Trafficking Deal Clears Path for Attorney General Vote

The delay in Loretta Lynch's confirmation vote may soon end.

Black Women Call on Mitch McConnell to Hold a Vote on Loretta Lynch

Protesters say Lynch is being used as a sacrificial lamb.

Another Bump in the Road to Loretta Lynch's Attorney General Confirmation

A human trafficking bill is the Senate's next top priority.

Ready, Set, Showdown: New GOP Leader, Obama Lining Up Fights

President is already prepared to veto three bills.

Obama Warns GOP He Plans to Use Veto Pen in 2015

The president sets the tone before new Congress convenes.