Racial profiling

Video Contradicts Ga. Sheriff’s Defense Of Deputies Accused Of Racial Profiling, Prompts Calls For Investigation

The search of a bus transporting Delaware State University women’s lacrosse team raises ‘grave civil rights concerns,’ says NAACP Ga. president.

Black Kansas City, Mo. Cop Sues Police For Racially Profiling Him In Traffic Stop

Fellow officers had no probable cause and racially abused him, the lawsuit alleges.

Black Officer Sues Walmart In Alleged Racial Profiling Incident

The corrections officer says he was traumatized by the experience.

Ari Lennox Tweets About Being Arrested In Amsterdam Airport

The 2021 Soul Train Award performer says she was racially profiled.

NYPD Social Distancing Violations Result In Violent Arrests And Accusations Of Racial Profiling

The enforcement was meant to protect from coronavirus spread

Three White Women Falsely Accuse Black Gardener Of Stalking, Being A Pedophile, And Wielding A Gun

Marc Peeples was falsely accused of stalking and pedophilia.

White Woman Who Kept Black Man From Entering Complex Says She Isn’t Racist And Was Following Rules

Hilary Thornton also said she was following rules.

Aquarium Gift Shop Employee Terminated After Kicking Black Girls On A Camp Trip Out Of The Store

The girls on the camp trip were told “they aren’t welcome.”