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President Biden Mourns 1 Million Americans Dead From Covid-19

The president is hosting an international Covid Summit at the White House to determine how nations should act to combat the years-long pandemic.


The 400 Mawozo Gang is said to be behind the kidnappings and much more crime in the Haitian capital.

Haitian Prime Minister Survives Assassination Attempt New Year’s Day

Ariel Henry Survived Attempt on His Life at Haitian Independence Celebration

Suspect in the Assassination of Haitian President Jouvenel Moïse Arrested Fleeing to Turkey

Haitian businessman, Samir Handal was apprehended after U.S. authorities shared intelligence to detain him.

Haiti Planning To Elect New President ‘As Quickly As Possible’

Prime Minister Ariel Henry held a news conference.

Eswatini Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini Becomes First Head Of Government To Die From COVID-19

He was hospitalized three weeks ago.

Domino's Pulls 'Free Pizza for Karens' Promo After Angry Backlash

Free Domino’s pizza for ‘Nice Karens

Black Man Attacked and Killed By Group Wearing Medical Masks

Londoner David Gomoh was on his way to work when he died.

Nigerian Youth Coalition Warns South African Investors To Leave Nigeria

The nationalist youth group issued a seven-day ultimatum.

82 Girls Have Reportedly Been Released By Boko Haram

They were abducted by the terrorist group three years ago.

ISIS Claims Westminster Terrorist Attack While Police Identify Suspect as London-Born Khalid Masoon

The deadly attack left three dead, including one American.