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The Injustice Often Overlooked: Latasha Harlins’ Sister Reflects 30 Years After The 1992 L.A. Riot

Overshadowed by the Rodney King beating, Dr. Christina Rogers says the 15-year-old shooting victim’s family wants a new generation to know about this case.

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A mother whose son died in police custody disagrees.

Poll: 4 out of 10 People Believe Race Relations Worsened Under Obama

Findings address voting rights, criminal justice and more.

FBI Director: US at Crossroads on Race Relations, Policing

Comey says police, citizens must confront "hard truths."

Milwaukee Sheriff to Sharpton: Go Back to the Gutter You Came From

David Clarke believes Darren Wilson was wronged.

Republicans Worry House Race Could Hurt Diversity Effort

Candidate Daniel Donovan prosecuted the Garner case.

High Hopes: Setting the Stage for Obama's State of the Union Address

Black lawmakers hope Obama will tackle topics like race.

Obama Says Blacks Are Better Off Now Than Six Years Ago

President ends year-end presser with a question about race.

Gov. Deval Patrick: Obama's in a 'Really Tough Place' With Ferguson

Patrick says the president must tread carefully on race.