Opinion: Jordyn Woods’ ‘Red Table Talk’ Interview Is A Powerful Blow To The Kardashian Spin Machine

For once, an exiled member of the famous family’s clan was able to speak for herself.

We know how this story goes: a KarJenner insider steps out of line and crosses the famous family, and suddenly the internet is flooded with tea. Just ask Lamar Odom, Blac Chyna, Tyga, even French Montana. The story is always the same: Kardashian as victim, outsider as villain. The tools of war are TMZ, RadarOnline and People magazine—all publications with wide reach and rumored to have deep loyalty to KarJenner matriarch Kris Jenner.  

  • Last week, when news broke that Kylie Jenner’s longtime BFF Jordyn Woods had allegedly hooked up with Khloé Kardashian’s man Tristan Thompson, we saw a familiar narrative play out. Jordyn, 21, was painted as a hanger-on turned jezebel, who recklessly seduced Thompson – a cad whose latest indiscretion was the last straw for a poor, suffering Khloé – during a house party in plain view of their circle of friends. Kylie was caught between her best friend and her sister. Juicy details began circulating online, but Khloé stayed relatively mum, letting her likes and retweets do the talking (as well as her still-in-good-graces besties, like Malika Haqq and Larsa Pippen, who were unleashed like pitbulls with constant personal attacks against Woods on social media).

  • Everything was going according to plan, and public sympathy seemed to be on Khloé’s side. Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras have allegedly been capturing every twist and turn, ensuring that the final word would belong to the KarJenners.

    But this time, they may have underestimated their “enemy.”

    Jordyn Woods swiftly proved that she’s learned a thing or two from her time with the KarJenners. She and Kylie have been besties since they were infants, and reportedly even live together at Kylie’s house. Rather than play her part and disappear, or take to her Instagram stories to share her side (where KarJenner stans would undoubtedly rush to discredit and disbelieve her), she did the smartest thing she could to get her side of the story out in a credible way. She called her auntie, Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Woods has been like family with the Smiths for even longer than she has with the KarJenners. Her father, John Woods, was a sound engineer on all six seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, making Will Smith and Jada practically parental figures to her.

  • Thanks to Jada’s groundbreaking and viral Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk, Jordyn found the perfect outlet to tell her truth, and refocus the narrative away from the petty, opportunistic gossip.

  • The episode aired Friday (Mar. 1), and it was exactly what we hoped it would be: an honest conversation between two Black women about living life and making mistakes. Under Jada’s non-judgmental gaze, Jordyn opened up in detail about the truth of what happened that night between her and Tristan (spoiler alert: it’s not what you think!) and took full responsibility for her role in the drama. She apologized to Khloé, admitting she “doesn’t deserve” the pain caused by this incident, and the rest of the KarJenner family. She came across as honest and remorseful.

    One of the most powerful moments of the episode occurred when Jordyn, tearfully, said to Jada: “[The media] don’t put their focus on the real world problems. They’re putting their focus on a young, Black woman who made a mistake, and not a mistake that’s worth public crucifixion.”

    Khloé, however, fired back with the below tweet, which she posted immediately after Jordyn’s interview aired:

  • While Khloé’s anger is, for the most part, understandable – it is devastating to be cheated on repeatedly by someone who claims to love you, and humiliating when it happens so publicly – it appears to be pointed in the wrong direction. That she chooses to place all the blame and direct all her anger towards Jordyn, rather than Tristan, is telling. Through all of Tristan’s blatant infidelities, we have not seen her direct this kind of vitriol at him. To blame Jordyn for breaking up her family is dishonest and irresponsible.

    Facing backlash from her initial tweet about Jordyn, Khloe quickly followed up with one directed at Tristan:


    What she doesn’t acknowledge is that neither she, nor anyone from her family or inner circle, chose to acknowledge this incident privately, either. They tweeted, retweeted and subtweeted. They posted “cryptic” messages. Jordyn’s only tool to get her side of the story out was to go public, and after enduring over a week of public shaming, she had every right to use the loudest megaphone available to her — same as the KarJenners do when they talk about people on their reality show.

    Of course, we don’t know for sure whether Jordyn is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But we are inclined to believe a young woman who appears to be taking responsibilities for her actions, something the KarJenners rarely get around to doing.

    What’s more, the tide of public opinion seems to be turning back towards Jordyn:


  • Only two people know what really went down that night – Jordyn and Tristan – but one thing is clear: the KarJenners’ usual tactics to malign others in order to protect their own image may not work this time around.

    Watch the full episode of Red Table Talk, below:

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