EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Mikael Talks Relationship, Social Media & Self-Care Rituals

From lessons on relationships to pre-performance rituals, learn a few fun facts about the futuristic soul-funk singer.

Singer Sebastian Mikael recently stopped by BET's Imagine Room, and was sure to deliver a futuristic soul-funk performance that was truly out of this world.

The Sweden-born, LA-raised singer was the latest artist to appear on the BET Digital series. During the intimate performance, the I C U C ME  singer performed live-renditions of his tracks, "Mission" and "Time"

Check out the full performance below, as well as seven fun facts that the singer revealed about himself to BET Digital!

Imagine Room airs every Monday at 6pm EST, only on BET Digitial.

  1. His Pre-Performance Ritual Includes Yoga

    In his interview with BET Digital, Sebastian revealed that prior to hitting the stage, he likes to get in a good stretch. He detailed some of his pre-show, self-care rituals.

    "I just try to be in a good mood all day. I do a lot of stretching, or yoga, whatever you want to call it. I'm not an expert, but I have my own little techniques. I watch Youtube videos and follow them. I just try to read, and relax before I go on stage."

  2. He believes life lessons are meant to be shared, not kept

    "I think if you're comfortable sharing [your truth], you should, because there are always people going through similar things," Mikael said.

    He continued, "I think [transparency]  becomes bigger than the music, because you kind of become a walking testament when others can see blessings and great things happening for you. My life is an inspiration for people that are also going through things, and a reminder to be able to get out of that funk and keep going."

  3. He credits love for helping him learn a lot about life

    "I feel like life experience is the main ingredient to my music. I just draw inspiration from life. I like to write about different things," Mikael added. 

    While on the topic of his current relationship with his partner, Mikael credits his longtime girlfriend for impacting his life, in more ways than one.

     "I think I learned a lot about myself [in my current relationship]. I like a lot of sides I didn't know about myself, the good and the bad. I think it definitely impacted my writing and my career. Just everything. It impacted my life, period."

  4. His five year plans includes a family

    While on the topic of the past and future, Mikael opened up about what he's learned in the past five years, as well as where he plans to be in the next five. 

    "Humility, self-acceptance and just embracing who you are, emotionally. I feel like that's really what I learned, and I'm still working on it. It's a process. I'm getting older; I'm not old but I'm getting older. I'm getting wiser," the singer stated.

    As for his future plans, he says, "I see myself having a family- a kid- and still doing what I'm doing now, just better and bigger." 

  5. He believes in prioritizing a social life over social media

    When asked how, as a public figure, the singer maintains balance between social media and real life, Mikael says the key is to stay "off" line as much as possible.

    "I just try being off it, as much as I can. Try to be more social with people, in real time, and in actual life. You've got to find a balance between social media and real life. You can't let it effect you too much, or let it dictate your life or days too much. You have to have control over it."

  6. He believes peace is a process, & co-signs Wale's idea on mental health options in the industry

    Sebastian Mikael singing on BET's Imagine Room
    Sebastian Mikael singing on BET's Imagine Room

    "[Peace] definitely doesn't [come] with success or how much money you make, or whatever, and that's what I thought too. Like, 'Whenever this happens, Ill be in a better place, mentally,' and then you get there, and you're still in that same mindset- a negative mindset. You think negative about everything and other people. You start thinking about what people did wrong to you and all that stuff. So you just got to work on [maintaining peace] everyday, if you want to stay focused and stay in a good place."

    When the topic of Wale's past interview regarding mental health, and his thoughts on labels extending therapy to their artists, Mikael whole-heartedly co-signs with the rapper, whom he once collaborated with for Mikael's 2014 single, "Last Night."

    "I'm happy [Wale] said that because it's really true. I feel like - and this is no shade to labels or anything- but I feel like people don't realize or take into account the type of pressure, or how much mental strength you've got to have in order to do the work and to stay doing it, and stay on top of things."

  7. He feels his purpose in life is to be a blessing to others

    While it's no secret that Mikael's passion is clearly singing, when asked what he feels his overall purpose is in life, the singer swiftly replies, "Being a blessing to others."
    He continued, "Right now I'm an artist, a musician, so that's being used. That's what I'm doing at the moment. I might be painting 10 years from now, you never know. I may be doing something completely different. But the bigger picture for me is that I'm serving other people, and being an inspiration and a blessing to others."

    Check out Sebastain Mikael on the latest episode of Imagine Room, and learn a few more fun facts about the singer, below!

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