Nipsey Hussle Says All Radio Stations Should Be Playing 'FDT'

Nipsey Hussle attends the YRB Magazine Art Issue Release Party at Lucky Strike on August 23, 2010 in New York City.

Nipsey Hussle Says All Radio Stations Should Be Playing 'FDT'

"Do ya'll jobs."

Published September 7, 2017

YG and Nipsey Hussle have been yelling “F**k Donald Trump” ever since Trump began his presidential campaign. The duo felt so passionate about their message that they even made a song about it. But especially now, as the political climate continues to spiral out of control, Nipsey Hussle claims their collaboration “FDT” is more important than ever and should be blasted on all radio stations.

In a short video clip on Instagram, Nipsey called out radio stations, particularly in the Atlanta region, for not playing “FDT” enough. The rapper claimed the stations were “hoes” for not supporting a record that Nipsey and YG “stood out on the limb” to create. “We did our job as artist!! Y’all ain’t doing y’all job as Djs and radio stations!! Whas y’all stance?” he wrote, mentioning radio stations Hot 107.9, Power 106 and Hot 97.

Y'all not spose to rep on twitter USE YO PLATFORM @hot97 @hot1079atl ?@yg #FDT

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“FDT” has frequently been played at a number of anti-Trump rallies and even at the 2017 MTV VMAs, which was heavy in anti-Trump skits as well. But Nipsey still argues that the radio stations have failed to give it the airplay it deserves. Since its debut back in 2016, the track has been under scrutiny by Trump supporters and officials for its inflammatory message directed at the president. Its music video, which featured an orange Trump impersonator, also didn’t go over well with Republicans.

Regardless of the public criticism, Nipsey told Power 106’s The Cruz Show that it was necessary and a true account of today’s politics. “We gotta be radical sometimes. All of us. Not just artists. Everybody,” the rapper stated. “It was out of passion.” At the end of the Power 106 interview, however, it was brought to Nipsey’s attention that there isn’t a radio-friendly version of the song for stations to play.

So until that clean version comes, it looks like YG and Nipsey will just be using other outlets to get their message across.

Written by Jessica McKinney

(Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)


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