Offset's Heartbreaking Revelation About His Father Might Bring Tears To Your Eyes...

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Offset's Heartbreaking Revelation About His Father Might Bring Tears To Your Eyes...

"You’re still running and you don't have to..."

Published February 22, 2019

Riding high on the favorable critical reception of his Father of 4 album, one-third of the Migos trap trio Offset ushered his fatherhood (and the faces of his four insanely adorable children) to the forefront of his solo debut.

Offset crowned the project, its artwork and its track list with lessons and odes to family, fatherhood and fidelity to his femcee wifey, Cardi B. But as he’s growing through his mistakes, even as a father to four little ones, he’s learned a lot from those of his own estranged dad, who he’s yearned for a healthier relationship with over the years.

  1. In Offset’s new ‘Esquire’ feature, he shares the tender details on his relationship with his father

    According to the feature, his father entered the streets when ‘Set was just a tyke. His relationship with him was distant, to say the least, which still affects the 27-year-old. He recollected speaking to him three years ago when ‘Set first entered the rap game with fresh new fat pockets, too. He’d offered to share some of his newfound riches with his pops, but was shut down after he told Offset that he didn’t have an address for him to bring the money to and wouldn’t accept the money out of pride. An understandably hurt Kiari Cephus still resents that exchange to this day.

  2. ‘Its just started to make me upset,’ he admitted…

    “I've reached out and you've slapped my hand. You slapped my hand when it wasn't even out. You didn't even come back to put anything in my hand. So now I feel like you don't have any respect for me. You’re still running and you don’t have to.”

    The Father of 4 rapper added that despite his desolation, he’d still jump at the opportunity to take care of his father if he ever needed him—even if it meant never exchanging two words with him. “If my daddy called me right now,” he said, “I’d get on a jet, buy him a house, give him a million dollars, and I won’t talk to him for another 10 years. At least I’d know he’s straight.”

    Let’s pray for a mending of that relationship between Offset and his dad in the near future.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest / EA SPORTS BOWL)


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