[Watch] Justice Served? Here's Why a Husband Who Fought Off His Wife's Rapist Is Being Charged With Manslaughter

[Watch] Justice Served? Here's Why a Husband Who Fought Off His Wife's Rapist Is Being Charged With Manslaughter

A deadly fight began after the attacker broke into the couple's apartment.

Published May 31, 2016

How far would you be willing to go to protect your family?

Mamadou Diallo, a Bronx, New York, resident, has been arrested on charges of manslaughter after he beat a man, identified as Earl Nash, 43, to death with a tire iron for trying to rape his wife. According to police, Diallo, a 61-year-old cab driver, was outside his apartment building when his wife, 51, called and said a man had broken in. Nash reportedly then hit her, dropped his pants, and said, "I'm going to rape you."

Nash, who had a lengthy criminal history, was able to get into the apartment building by following a resident inside. He then knocked on a number of apartments asking for water before Diallo's wife, identified as Nenegale Diallo, opened the door thinking it was her son. Nenegale's sister was also home at the time. Nash forced his way in, locked the door behind him and started taking off his pants. When Nenegale offered him money, he threatened to rape her. The two women struggled with Nash for about 20 minutes and managed to fight him off long enough for Nenegale to call her husband, who was in a car outside the building. 

Diallo rushed inside and found Nash on the sixth floor, where his wife was naked in the hallway. The two men fought inside the elevator, which was left covered in blood after Diallo fractured Nash's skull. Nash died at Lincoln Hospital from "severe trauma to his head and body" about three hours later. 

Although family members believe Diallo did the right thing, the cab driver was arrested on charges of manslaughter. The couple's son was particularly relieved his father protected his mother, especially given the fact that Nash had 19 arrests on his record. So even though some may see Diallo's actions as heroic, he will unfortunately still have to contend with the law.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Stuart McClymont/Getty Images)


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