Indiana High School Student Labeled As ‘Black Guy’ In Yearbook

Indiana High School Student Labeled As ‘Black Guy’ In Yearbook

The district superintendent called it “incomprehensible."

PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 23, 2020 / 08:50 PM

Written by BET Staff

An investigation has begun in Indiana after a high school's 2020 yearbook listed a student on the boys basketball team as "BLACK GUY" instead of by his name.

Images of the photo in the Brown County High School yearbook were posted on social media Monday (October 19). The district’s superintendent apologized the same day in a Facebook Live video.

"It has been brought to our attention that that yearbook has a truly incomprehensible statement included in it," Laura Hammack, the superintendent, said, adding that officials were "trying to better understand what that situation is all about.”

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Hammock continued, "This has been a hard day, but what is most important is that this has been a really hard day for a student and for a family, and we will work hard to make sure that a student and a family who are experiencing what they're experiencing today don't need to experience the same feelings moving forward.”

She also added, “I just commit to our school community that we will be relentless in making this right and making this a moment that we can certainly look back on and one day say we're doing better."

According to CNN, Hammock does not know how the labeling happened. 

The student has not been identified. 


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