Breonna Taylor Honored With Billboard Outside Louisville Police Headquarters

Breonna Taylor Honored With Billboard Outside Louisville Police Headquarters

The project was paid for by SisterSong and BLM Louisville.

UPDATED ON : MARCH 12, 2021 / 02:36 PM

Written by Paul Meara

A mobile billboard honoring Breonna Taylor has been unveiled near the Louisville Metro Police Department Headquarters in downtown Louisville.

The tribute project has a photo of Taylor which she had posted on Twitter prior to her death, and the words “Breonna Deserved Reproductive Justice.”

The tweet reads: “My daughter hasn’t even been conceived but she has a name already... that’s how ready I am.”

“What happened to Breonna Taylor was also a reproductive injustice,” said Monica Simpson, executive director of SisterSong, according to a press release. “She put out to the world that she wanted to be a parent. She wanted to be able to create a family, and that was stolen from her because of police brutality.”

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Sarah Williams, a Black Lives Matter leader in Lexington, Kentucky added: “Not only did Breonna have the opportunity to birth life taken away from her when her life was taken from her, but the children around her and the younger people that she helped care for lost a mother-like figure, and that can’t be replaced no matter how much money is handed out. And even if we get some semblance of justice—which we have yet to see—that does not replace Breonna’s life.”

The billboard was paid for by SisterSong and Black Lives Matter Louisville.

The truck holding the mobile billboard is slated to drive around downtown Louisville this week and pass by the offices of Mayor Greg Fischer, Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine, and LMPD Chief Erika Shields.

To watch the billboard unveiling, click here.

Photo Courtesy of Attorney Benjamin Crump


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