Kennesaw State Quarterback Killed After 50 Shots Fired Into His Car

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Kennesaw State Quarterback Killed After 50 Shots Fired Into His Car

Ladarius Clardy was only 18.

PUBLISHED ON : JULY 6, 2021 / 07:43 PM

Written by BET Staff

Police are searching for suspects in a tragic shooting that resulted in the death of 18-year-old Kennesaw State football player Ladarius Clardy.

According to PEOPLE, in the early morning of July 1, Clardu was driving down a busy road in the Florida Panhandle when 50 shots were fired into his black Honda accord. The vehicle then crashed over an embankment. Police were called to the scene around 1 a.m.

Sheriff Chip Simmons said at a press conference, "Someone fired over 50 rounds into the car, most of them into the car door, the driver's door.”

He continued, "This case cannot go unsolved. There's a family that's grieving, there's a community that's grieving. There are individuals within this Sheriff's Office that are grieving. This is one of our children in Escambia County."

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There was also a passenger in the car, Eric Young, who was hospitalized and is talking as of July 2.

According to E!, Simmons said about Young, “He's talking now. So we're just praying that he recovers. Eric means a lot to me also. All these kids in the community mean a lot to me. I want to see the kids in the community win."

Kennesaw State said in a statement, "We are devastated and heartbroken over the death of Ladarius Clardy. Ladarius was an excellent teammate and left a mark on this program with his positive attitude. He will be deeply missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ladarius' family at this difficult time."

Anyone with information is asked to call the ECSO or Crime Stoppers.

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