See What All 14 Fenty Beauty 'Mattemoiselle' Shades Look Like On Real Girls

(Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)

See What All 14 Fenty Beauty 'Mattemoiselle' Shades Look Like On Real Girls

Because admit it, everything looks good on Rihanna.

Published January 2nd

Christmas came twice last year — first Rihanna dropped the hard-to-cop Galaxy Collection back in October, then teased us with her highly anticipated 14 shade Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Collection*. You guys, she been told y'all "that Rihanna reign just won't let up" since '09! Jeezy co-signed!

But more important than seeing SZA play Fenty Beauty model, we seriously began to wonder if these crazy named colors (PMS anyone?) would actually work IRL. Rihanna can wear damn near anything and "make it fashion" — even when she's sick AF. But can the average Jane hop on the A-train with forest green lips without people gawking at her? We weren't too confident. 

So we gathered a group of real girls to try out at least two shades each to get their honest feedback — and see what all the shades looked like on a variety of #MelaninMagic!

See below for what these BET ladies fell in love with —  and which ones they weren't feeling (sorry RiRi!) Keep scrolling sis!

  1. Arielle Is Wearing PMS, One of The Boyz and Ma'Damn
    (Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)

    “Listen up, Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipsticks* are the Ferraris of lipstick. Fenty Beauty’s regal packaging consistently wins over sophisticated makeup lovers like myself with each new release. The sleek tube fits perfectly in your hand and it's the perfect size to place in a clutch or small wristlet. Plus, it captures the nostalgic feel of a 1950’s movie, when Virginia Slims, diamonds and furs were ordinary. It makes you feel sexy when applying your lipstick.” — Arielle Moore, @arielledonce 

  2. Nia Wearing Is Single, Griselda And Clapback
    (Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)

    “These lipsticks are a must — especially for the melanin beauties. From the sleek casing to the silky texture, this lipstick is nothing shy of amazing. I loved how easily this lipstick glides on without any primer necessary. It’s almost like applying a silky lip balm on your lips. Compared to your typical matte lip, this does not have a chalky or dry consistency. This is the one thing I look for in a matte lipstick, and RiRi, you got it! The longevity of the lipstick is phenomenal and the best part is you don’t have to use a lip liner. 

    "My advice for the brown skin girls is to be adventurous. I tried on Clapback, Griselda and Single all of which I wouldn’t normally wear. I will say, these colors are versatile for all skin tones but I suggest wearing a lipliner for the lighter colors. You know, just for blending purposes and a cleaner finish! Other than that, try them all, it is so worth it!" — Nia Craig@itsnialove

  3. Yakira Is Wearing Midnight Wasabi, Up 2 No Good And Saw-C
    (Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)

    “I loved how Midnight Wasabi looked on me! I felt like it was the perfect green for brown skin. Once I saw it one SZA, I knew I had to try it. It was an instant face. Up 2 No Good was tricky for me — tricky in the sense of from the box it appears to be just another nude, however, when I tried it on it’s very bright. It turned out to be more of a chalky pink and I didn’t love the way it looked on me. But I’m sure there are some brown girls out there who can pull it off. Saw-C seems like it would go great with the right highlight and eyeshadow. It’s certainly a nice orange for brown woman. Overall, the lipstick glides onto your lips — you can tell that it was formulated really well!” — Yakira Young, @yakiraliz

  4. Kai Is Wearing Freckle Fiesta, Ya Dig?! And Shawty
    (Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)

    “The application was smooth, and it felt very light and moisturizing on my lips. My favorites would be Freckle Fiesta and Shawty. I typically stick to nudes, so these shades definitely added a much needed color pop without steering too far from the family. I loved how this orange was bright yet subtle at the same time. I think it really worked well for my skin tone. 

    "Shawty was a nice twist on a brown lip, especially since I find other browns to be too dark on me. Ya Dig?! was a periwinkle blue that definitely took me a few steps out of my comfort zone, but I wasn’t mad at it! I’ll have to play around with full makeup looks and outfits to compliment that lip, but it definitely helped to broaden my lipstick horizons.” — Kai Bailer, @_kaai

  5. Janell Is Wearing Spanked And Candy Venom
    (Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)

    “If there is a Fenty Beauty fan club, I’m 100 percent a part of it. I’m not even going to lie to you guys, this lipstick is pretty dope! I gravitate to bold shades naturally, so I had no qualms rocking Spanked (a muted rose) or Candy Venom (electric pink). What I loved is how easy they went on — and came off. We’ve all had to struggle with removing aggressive matte lipsticks that literally stain your lips until the next day. 

    "All I used was a Kleenex and a little Lancôme Eau Fraiche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water* ($40). I kept Candy Venom on for the remainder of the day and it lasted through a late lunch and three cocktails. (Don’t judge me!) Rihanna girl, you can have all of my money. You nailed this drop!”  — Janell M. Hickman, @jmargaretbeauty

For products marked with a *: if you click on the link and make a purchase, BET earns revenue.

Written by Janell M. Hickman

(Photos: Chaunna Henry / BET)


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