EXCLUSIVE: This 8-Year-Old Is Going Viral For Celebrating Her Birthday At Target

EXCLUSIVE: This 8-Year-Old Is Going Viral For Celebrating Her Birthday At Target

We spoke to her Aunt Rikki about how she made her dream birthday a reality!

Published February 18, 2020

Written by Tweety Elitou

Most young girls have dreams of celebrating their 8th birthday with lavish spa parties, Disney-themed extravaganzas, and even mini fashion shows—this 8-year-old birthday girl plays by her own rules.

(Photo: Rikki Jackson/Bailey Lawrence)

Meet Brayden, an adorable cutie that is going viral after she celebrated her special day at a neighborhood Target. 

If you cannot tell by the photos, the event hosted at Target—no, they don’t normally host parties—was everything epic!  

With hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes on Twitter, it’s quite clear people want to know more details about the cutie’s birthday party, but wonder no more, we’ve got you covered. 

We spoke to Brayden’s aunt, Rikki Jackson, about how they managed to pull off the viral party that was ultimately a bull’s eye hit! 

Naturally, it all starts with Brayden’s unusual request. 

“We were just like OMG, how do we make this happen because this isn’t a thing,” Rikki shared with BET exclusively. “But, birthday parties are a huge deal in my family so we always go all out. We knew we had to figure it out!”

Swiftly, Brayden’s mom, Jessica, and Auntie Rikki reached out to the management of their local Target store and went from there. “They had never had a birthday party before so they were as excited and anxious as we were to make it happen for Brayden,” Rikki told us.

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Success! If you can’t tell, Brayden, who is known for her bubbly personality, loves Target. 

“Target is absolutely her favorite store. It’s so cute, she thinks they have everything,” Rikki, who owns RikLaFlair.com, shared. “She likes to go just so she can walk up and down the aisles for hours. She can’t get enough!”

If you can’t tell, the birthday girl had an amazing time. According to Rikki, “Brayden and her friends seriously had a blast. They haven’t stopped talking about it. Her favorite part was when the Manager Albert made their name tags. It was so cool! I think that’s when we all thought, whoa we actually did it, they look like real Target employees.”

Naturally, the fun didn’t end there! What party would be complete without a scavenger hunt, gift cards, and the ability to work the cash register?

“Yes, the kids did a scavenger hunt throughout the store and the last thing on the list was to find an item under $10 that they wanted to buy,” she said. 

“We got them gift cards and Brayden got to check them out on Register 8! Brayden loves to play shop so she had a blast learning how to use the cash register. We couldn’t get the scanner out of her hands!”

As for the Target customer’s reaction to the party, Rikki says, “The party started early before the store got busy, but we were still wrapping up when the heavy foot traffic started to come in. Everyone was in awe! They couldn’t believe we were really throwing a birthday party! But the smiles and laughs of all the girls were contagious and customers really enjoyed them. Some even bought Brayden birthday gifts!”

While it is quite unclear if the birthday girl has plans to return to Target for her 9th birthday, Rikki shared, “With Brayden’s imagination, I’m sure it’s going to be something over the top and extra.”

We cannot wait! Even Target tweeted, “best birthday ever.”

(Photo: Rikki Jackson/Bailey Lawrence)


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