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Commentary: Why Police Brutality Isn’t Just a Black Boy's Problem

#AssaultatSpringValleyHigh shows girls are vulnerable, too.

Commentary: 60 Years After Brown v. Board of Education , a Celebration Muted by Challenge

The decision marked the end of legal school segregation.
Philadelphia to Shut Down 40 Schools

Report: African-American Students Are More Isolated Now Than 40 Years Ago

Achievement gap won't close without economic equality.
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Florida School District Lacks Equal Access to Best Teachers

Miami-Dade County Public Schools show troubling pattern.
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Report Says Black Male Teachers Are Not Becoming Extinct

Most Black males with a bachelor's degree become teachers.

Report: Black College Students Should Have Mandatory Financial Aid Classes

The study offers recommendations to navigate student loans.

100 Percent of Urban Prep Academy Seniors Going to College

This marks the fourth year in a row for the charter school.
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U.S. High School Graduation Rates Highest in Decades

The graduation rates are at its highest since 1976.
SAT, racial disparities, education, college

Report: Mississippi's School-to-Prison Pipeline Hurts Students

Kids are being sent to detention centers for minor issues.

Oakland's 100 Black Men School Aims to Achieve

The new, all-male school is combating negative statistics.
African-American Students Feel More Prepared for College

School Vouchers Boost College Enrollment for Black Students, Study Says

For Black students, vouchers seem to make a difference.